My IOI account is locked and I haven't heard from Zendesk or the devs in over three weeks

Platform: PC, Steam

So during March of last year I believe my IOI account was locked as looking back through my inbox that’s around when I stopped receiving emails from them. However I did not realise my account had been locked until recently when I tried logging in to it to carry over my H2 progress into H3.

I am not able to receive password reset emails, and I can’t use a new account to transfer progress because my old one was already linked to my H2 and I can’t unlink it without access to the account.

So on January 29th I sent my original ticket to Zendesk. The ticket number is 11808.

Eventually after 13 emails back and forth with the Zendesk staff, they finally conclude there is nothing I can do from my end and they tell me they have escalated the ticket to the dev team on February 7th.

I have not received any human contact from Zendesk or IOI since then. I submitted another Zendesk ticket a week and two weeks after I was told my case was escalated, asking for a follow-up on 11808 but I still haven’t received anything.

It has now been over a month since the initial ticket and over three weeks since I’ve had any human response from the support team.

I’ve @ed them on Twitter and posted about it in the discord but still haven’t received any official response since February 7th so now I’m posting here.

Can I get a follow-up on ticket 11808? I’m fairly certain it’s a simple fix and just requires a dev to go into my account’s properties to tick/untick a box.

Thanks in advance.

Got a reply on Zendesk today.

They merged all my follow-up tickets and told me the relevant department is still “investigating my case” and they have no updates for me. (This is after over three weeks of zero acknowledgement from them.)

I’m convinced I’m never getting my account back, is there a way to mod progress into HITMAN 3?