My mission ideas for 47


Here are some mission ideas for 47 I was thinking about, tell me what you think about them. :slight_smile:
(I’m not bilingual so sorry for my bad english.)


Location : Stadium (during an American football game)

Target : a rich spectator

Context : The target has booked a place in the VIP room’s stadium to support his favorite team. Our client
wishes it will be his last game.

Circumstances :

  • the game is interrupted every 5 minutes (commercial breaks). During these breaks, the target moves, goes to WC, or isolate himself for a phone call, or take a drink, or discuss with other VIP clients (random events)
  • it is possible to use a sniper rifle by being hidden on the roof of the stadium but this is not a very discrete method and
    escape routes are limited

2) Mission N°2:

Location : Concert hall

Target : A musical comedy actor

Context : The target, which is the producer but also one of the actors of the musical comedy, refused to play his new comedy in the theater of our client and went to a concurrent one. Our client requires that this insult is expunged tonight for the first performance

Circumstances :

  • the producer-actor will be disguised as a knight, like three other actors. The only way to recognize him on stage will be to recognize the words he sings (the text that the target will say during the show is available in the briefing)
  • the target is not constantly on stage, he goes behind the scene back a few times
  • 47 can be in the public
  • 47 can pretend to be one of the staff (technicians, guard, …) to access to the wings
  • 47 can pretend to be one of the actors



Location : Airport

Target: A pilot

Context : Our client runs a private jet company and doesn’t want to pay heavy redundancy payments to one of its oldest pilots. So he wishes the pilot takes off for his last journey.

Circumstances :

  • 47 arrives at the airport 25 minutes before the next flight of the target
  • it is possible to kill the target in the airport or in the plane
  • the plane is a private jet of about twenty places
  • the target is in his office on the upper floors of the airport and he then joined his plane 10 minutes before takeoff
  • only the airport staff and crew members are allowed to access all levels of the airport
  • 47 can pretend to be a steward
  • 47 can pretend to be the copilot
  • 47 can pretend to be a rich passenger
  • 47 can pretend to be a ramp agent (possibility to trap the plane and even more)
  • no metallic object or liquid is allowed during boarding
  • it is possible to trap the plane (however there will be several victims)
  • some parachutes are stored in a secured local of the airport

Location : Court

Targets : The accused and the judge

Context : During the trial of a serious criminal mafia, the corrupt judge will acquit the accused. Our client wants this trial, which is more a masquerade than anything else, to be concluded by the direct application of death penalty for the accused and the judge

Circumstances :

  • this trial is highly mediatized and many television cameras are present outside the courtroom
  • police is very present and any person is searched, metal objects are not allowed
  • the family of the accused came and many mafia members are present in the room
  • some members of the mafia at the exterior of the building are discretely armed
  • 47 can pretend to be one of the jurors
  • 47 can pretend to be the judge
  • 47 can pretend to be a journalist seeking to have an interview with the accused
  • 47 can pretend to be a policeman
  • 47 can pretend to be the accused counsel

Thanks for reading !

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I moved this to Wish List as they are essentially ideas that you would like to see in future Hitman games.

I like the second idea the best. I like the idea of the target being one of several disguised people and you have to follow them or talk to people to get clues as to which one it is. I wouldn’t like to see it set in another concert hall though.

Dishonored had a level with a similar concept and it was by far my favorite part of the game (even though I didn’t finish the game).

An airport is a good setting but I don’t think the plane should ever take off. Planes don’t have a lot of room for movement or sneaking. A small plane especially wouldn’t have many gameplay options once it left the ground. A hit on a large plane in flight would risk way too many civilian deaths, and I find it unlikely that a plane in flight would ever be 47’s best opportunity to kill someone.

For a long time I’ve thought a sporting event would make a good hit location. Put one target in a suite and another in the stands. The guy in the stands can be killed by sniping or poisoning. Or maybe you could even find a way to sit behind him and sneakily garrote him during an exciting moment of the game.

It could be refreshing (and a bit of an hommage to classic hitman) if the target went back and forth between the stage and the dressing room between acts, and actually changes into different disguises - instead of 47 being the one using disguises all the time.


I like the airport idea a lot! The setting would be completely new to the Hitman series.

Location: natural cave
Target: the mad leader of a satanic cult and his priestess
The targets have kidnapped a girl to do a human sacriface. The client pays 47 to kill them before the cerimony ends and the girl is killed. The members of the cult wear a long black frock, so it’s easy to infiltrate.The difficult part is to escape from the cave, after killing the targets.

Real-life satanists are just a bunch of dudes in funny costumes that use the philosophies of Nietzsche, Ayn Rand etc. as windowdressing. It would be pretty embarrassing for Hitman to depict them as anything else.

I agree that the small confines of an airplane are limiting if that’s all there is to the mission.

But if it is a large level and you think of the airplane as just one of the rooms in the level (that happens to close it’s doors and fly off after a while), then it’s not such a big deal.
Would not be very different from say, the trams in “Bjarkhov bomb”

It would allow for some cool kills, like sedating the pilots mid-flight, barricading the cockpit and escaping via a parachute (that you smuggled on board)

Yes I agree that a small plane don’t gave many options for gameplay. But in the mission I wrote, the mission takes place also in the airport and the plane is the last chance for 47 to kill his target. He can hurry and find a way to kill the pilot in 15 minutes in the airport or he can take his time and prepare his plan to kill him in the plane. And you know 47, he doesn’t need to be in a place to kill someone :wink:

Nice idea. It would be so cool that the target changes his disguises according how the show occurs and 47 would have to find clues to know who is the real target. Love it !

It doesn’t have to. Killing Boris (Plutonium Runs Loose/Deadly Cargo) in his own ship wasn’t the best opportunity either, but there was no other way - he was just about to leave Rotterdam. Killing Charlie’s brother (Jacuzzi Job) in his own apartment was inconvenient, but again, it was an emergency case and there was no other option.

Point is, they could easily include a scenario similar to those two that would demand 47 to hop on a huge, luxurious plane and kill his target there. I don’t think it should be a conclusion to an airport mission, because as cool as it sounds at first, it would either make it seem ill-conceived (how can I possibly get on a plane when everyone’s panicking about that guy I just shot to pieces?), or force you to play the airport mission completely silently (that is, no bodies found, no alerts etc.), thus making the mission severely limited.

I thought we were talking about a small private jet.
Something simple, like:

It’s Agent_17’s quote, not mine. But anyway, here’s the kind of plane I would want for a Hitman mission (someone has already posted that in the old forum’s thread, by the way):

That kind of plane would be cool. I didn’t know that sort of thing existed. I always fly coach.

A380 is a big plane, it could be an entire level itself. That would be nice indeed.

Well that’s not a conclusion but two different ways to accomplish the mission. The pilot is in the airport during 15 minutes so you can hurry to find a way to kill him silently or you can focus on the plane and find a smart and discrete way to kill him. I wrote it more like a choice between the airport and the plane.

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I definitely like the idea of a mission in a Stadium or Concert Hall.

I want a mission in park with meeting !
I know - it was already three times in previous games, but it has incredible climate, and this is one of the most assassin-style missions.

I think an amazing setting for a hitman mission would be a target on a cruise liner. A giant ship in the middle of the ocean with hundreds of civilians would be incredible.

I also think a large theme park would be great. The different roller coasters and amusements could allow for some really creative and hilarious kills.

Finally I think an upper class opera house would be amazing. Think of the stands, the dressing rooms, the VIP section in the back. This would be a great opertunity to use a lot of disguises as he could take the role of any of the actors on stage and play out their part to get to the target. Or wait until the show is over to get them backstage.

Hi, fellow Hitman Fans,

My mission ideas is onboard a cruise ship. Not everything has been decided by me and this post may leave out some info about my idea. (please remember this is just an idea and is merely a draft)

Sorry if my mission brief is too long, it is still in a draft stage. :slight_smile:

Mission Brief:
Welcome back 47. Your mission today is onboarding the Ruby Princess, a large cruise ship sailing around the Pacific Ocean, owned by Princess Cruises, a wealthy cruising company. One of the shareholders and board members of this company is Loris Marino, a wealthy billionaire with numerous investments in companies all across the globe. He has been involving himself with a new confidential providence plan ordered by the partners, that will result in the deaths of numerous billionaires from all across the world. The plan is aimed to weaken the global economy as a distraction to allow Providence back onto its feet. Loris himself as arranged the ship to act as a base of operations for this new plan. While not a providence operative, he is also the money investor of the plan. Troy Gill, company owner of Volta Technology has also been confirmed within this project. His company as recently created an advanced computer programming system, which contains face recognitions and bios for already 100 million people, capable of killing anyone who is detected on the system. His system will be the primary weapon used in the operation. While it is billionaires that will be targeted using this new technology, the agency has also issued that this system must be erased and wiped out in all means possible, to prevent it further developing into a doomsday weapon. The last three targets are all Providence operatives who have stayed loyal all this time, resulting in their power growth within the organisation. Among them, Claire Brousseau, a former French spy, now Providence leader, is assisting with the plan. Her fellow Providence rival Cecilia Correa is the second providence operative. She is currently the Spanish Providence leader, and has a firm, deadly grip over the country’s underground affairs. She is onboard and keen and ready to revive Providence for her own personal gain. Lastly, Jay Cleveland. Mr Cleveland is the main and primary target of this mission. Unknowingly to the other targets, he has recently allied with the constant. To which they together will take down the partners and start a new organisation from the ashes of Providence, with themselves as the heads. This will occur at the same time as this revival plan. Consequently, the other targets don’t know of Cleveland’s betrayal. Hmm, could be interesting 47. Nevertheless, this mission is of full importance as not only does it give us a lead on the partners and potentially the Constant. But, the whole world unknowingly depends on this mission as a success. If the mission turns successful, Providence will cease to exist as a functional organisation, with its last few operative’s dead. Remember, the agency wishes all five targets to be eliminated as swiftly and cleanly as possible. Five targets, one system down, and on one ship. Good luck 47.