My Progress on "Priceless" Challenge


So today i spent all day trying to figure out priceless… this is the closest i got (if its not bugged).

I figured that the oven in the basement of Ms.West house is the only way to destroy the package. So i followed her to see how she progressed and she talks about a “plumber” (her next target)
Right when you start the stage - grab the realtors outfit and go straight to the (SOLD) house. DO NOT TALK TO CASSIDY. This triggers the plumber to say “i’m heading to Ms. Wests”
He stops at his home half way to her house and says “he forgot the GPS”
i spent forever tryin to get him to go to her house ( Looking for address, Interacted with him in every disguise, placed package in his mail box, etc.)and hoping she’d throw his body in the oven and i can toss the package in with it…

From here she keeps looking for a “sedative” and he’s just chilling. I’ve tried to place a sedative in front of her hoping it’ll trigger something, but no luck. I’m not sure if this was already discovered i couldnt find anything on it, so i decided to share.

this is as close as i’ve gotten to some REAL progress on this challenge


Your doing god’s work out here. I think it may be bugged but it sounds like you’re making some progress


If you deliver the package to that crazy old hag, she would actually take it and put that package on a plate in the kitchen, and that’s all I know.


It’s half-confirmed to be bugged:

I’ve spend on this thing at least 10+ hours, we’re all waiting for the next patch to fix it



I put it on a car, blew the car up and it was gone. I searched around and could not find it. So either it got destroyed but i didnt get the challenge because it wasnt the intended way or it flew to a roof.


Im not sure, but his last name is West and he is kinda acting weird. Could be related


Maybe give the package to Batty, knock him and drag him to the murder house and incierate him


I meant knock him out


well it wont work since a npc drops items they have if u knock them out.
Save your time and return to the challenge when they patch it


Have you tried to put “sedative” in the mailbox ? if she’s looking for it


Just wanted to check if this still appears to be glitched or if they have resolved it?


Still bugged unfortunately. Highly likely to be resolved in the upcoming patch.


When is the patch suppose to drop?


According to what Travis from iO tweeted it looks like the patch is coming the 18th this month when the holiday event releases

This is a content roadmap - there will also be a game update in December too, around the same time as our Holiday surprise