My theory of where the ICA Facility is

So, I believe the ICA training facility seen it the tutorial is in Hokkaido for three reasons. A. It, from what I can tell, is built into the side of a snowy mountain. Hokkaido has plenty of these. B. Soders could probably have gone to any high class hospital, but needed surgery as quick as possible. So, he would go to GAMA which is also in Hokkaido. C. This one makes less sense, but the suit 47 is wearing in the cut scenes that take place in the tutorial, the ones outside the facility at least, can be unlocked by playing and completing the Hokkaido snow festival bonus episode
Let me know what everybody else thinks!

I could be mistaken but I think some of the game files refer to it as being in Greenland


Huh. Never noticed that. That would make sense too. Thanks.

Game files as in you’d only find it via extraction/datamining, don’t think it actually says it while you’re playing the game

I know. I have never done that myself as I play on ps4 but I’ve seen videos.

It is in Greenland. i am pretty sure there were co-ordinates given that matched the are.

You do realize Hokkaido isn’t the only place on the planet having such scenery, right?

Situs Inversus took place 20 years after the prologue. Even Soders was born to have a rare organ position inside his body, he seemed healthy in the prologue cutscene. So there is no way he set up a facility due to his physical difficulty. Besides, we don’t even know if GAMA existed in the 90’s.


As the others have pointed out, it is indeed in Greenland, but it’s plausible that the developers used the same maps for the terrain :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure the partners VR pyramid chat room uses the same assets in the background of the ICA facility as well


It’s an interesting theory even if it doesn’t end up working out. I also love the idea that they just stashed Soders in this remote bunker to train his replacements year after year and then were surprised when he ended up bitter enough to betray them.

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