My thoughts

Guys, you know what I was thinking ? And this: “Contracts”, but rather in the final game, if you look in the briefing, we can see that 47 have forgotten the name of one of the targets invented new, which casts doubt on the veracity of the briefings to the hallucinations, and not only them, but also the weather, atmosphere, architecture of buildings. Yeah, half the missions remake, I admit, but they changed markedly at spoa the atmosphere and surroundings. The same “tradition of trade” with the number of the killed guy and a Ghost. Maybe mission objectives the first half of the game was called differently, and it was not that bad (okay, with the meat reliably) and the weather is Sunny ? For example, in England. Not all because there are always rainy.

Making a thread just for your thoughts is kind of rude in regards to forum etiquette.

This opinion should be in one of numerous threads discussing such opinions and does not need a thread of its own; just for future reference. See you around!