My unlocked items are not in my inventory! Hitman 2

Can anyone help?
I have unlocked all items as far as I can tell (level 500) but when it comes to finding certain unlocked items I’m at a loss…
I’m trying to do ‘The Dread Pirates Curse’ featured contract which requires the Jarl’s Pirate Sabre but It is not listed in melee items… It’s just not there!
But if I go to - Career - Inventory, it is!
Help please help

Some items require a large container to get them. The saber needs either a briefcase slot or a large pickup slot.

Also it is possible that the saber is locked out of the escalation as you are intended to find it on the map or have it at a scripted start.

Just start without it, you should be fine.


Continuing with what Urben wrote.

You have two options for bringing a larger item (saber, sniper rifle, assault rifle etc.) with you;

1.Choose a briefcase in your loadout then select the item for the briefcase, like this;

2.Go to Smuggled Items, choose Agency Pickup then select the item, like this;

You can’t select a large item (sniper rifle, shotgun, katana etc) without putting it in a briefcase or in the Agency Pickup-Smuggled Items.