My view on IOI changed after the documentary

After seeing the documentary I can honestly say I do feel sorry for having a grudge with them in the past and now I see and understand all their decisions.
They really went thru a lot, plus delivering Hitman 2 on such a small staff was indeed a huge challenge and an amazing achievement.
Letting the nostalgia a part this “trilogy” deserves to be called the best Hitman game.

I now want to play all the missions again from start to finish admiring and appreciating every single effort they putted in delivering such a masterpiece.

I still want an explanation for this and obviously would love to have it back again as it feels, for me, the right weapon for our beloved Agent 47.




black lilly


tldr; there are none


Top Bantz

In all seriousness I’d like the Silverballer Mk. II to be reskinned into the blackballer because it looks cool and I’d use it over everything else


But if they do that it can’t be called a Silverballer Mk II, can it :wink: They should make it look like the H2SA Silverballer, black grip with silver silencer.
It would be different to the ICA19 Chrome which has an old style (non-wraparound) brown grip


Yeah I mean reskinned AND renamed.And then use the blue H16 versions for the other Mk. II weapons

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Same for me dude!

I may have been a bit demanding about that sequel while they were struggling with huge challenges such as making a proper sequel within less than two years with almost half of the team taken down.

After looking at that first part of the documentary it was clearly an incredible challenge to achieve :open_mouth:

I’m so happy for them that they could reach their objectives and keep their studios, i wish them best luck for the future and hoping that HITMAN will keep growing better and better :blush:

Looking forward to the next parts of the documentary, it looks really interesting :+1:


Yesss yessss, It will be ultra senseful!

The documentary does confirm that the Marvel games probably had something to do with SE divesting of IOI. That and the confirmation that “episodic was a bust”. I think it COULD have worked… but required like AAA communication skills and a top notch campaign.

The “Netflix of Assassination” sounds like it would have been a better marketing hook honestly. But only if the game being made was “SUPER HITMAN MAKER” and not just HITMAN. It would have to have map building tools… that would be expanded with each set of new assets that came with new maps that came online.

So you waited for Sapienza so you could get the Italian Villa style house elements and so on.

This is not new as I think FAR CRY and DOOM had features for map making. A HITMAN MAKER though… a true “Netflix of Assassination” where one platform had multitudes of creatives would have been too much.

They also confirm Square Enix continued to sheperd IOI during the exit, that SE was very empathetic, that it wanted to participate in finding IOI a new home.

They also reveal that they got to keep FREEDOM FIGHTERS as well as HITMAN and that SE wanted to allow IOI to buy their own ownership and control their destiny.

That basically makes Square Enix the single best publisher to work for and with outside of probably Nintendo (who are willing to let you do what you need to do even if it means pushing deadlines back far away).




Boy they bet on the wrong horse there. I have seen the E3 footage of that game and all I can say is: woof.


To Square’s credit though, supposedly they had a hand in the final marketing decision on HITMAN’s Season 1… to phase out buying the episodes, and only offer the Complete First Season + a Free Starter Kit meant that HITMAN actually exploded to five times its player base after SE had already declared that IOI had to take its future in its own hands.

The secret to converting people to playing HITMAN was not to cut up the game and offer bits of it for 10 USD, it was that age-old concept of giving away a free Demo and then allow people to buy the full game. :stuck_out_tongue:

This led to WB stepping in and now we have Malmo, new IP… and let’s not forget they still have FREEDOM FIGHTERS as part of the SE exit deal.

But yeah… It looks like the real big Marvel game is MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3. I do not understand why SE was so willing to give up HITMAN when it looks like Disney had carte blanche to offer Marvel rights to anybody making games - which creates a competition where there can be only one winner.

Hindsight shows that if SE and IOI had only made the decision to offer the Free Starter Kit and phase out the episodes earlier… then SE would be able to have more cards in its deck when talking to Disney (basically they’d have the option to say “no thanks”). But such is fate.

Right now, UA3 kind of eclipses the Marvel game by Crystal Dynamics I feel.


Oh it seems like SE have done fantastic by IO much more than most other AAA companies I know (cough EA cough). I understand the decision the Marvel brand is a magnet for cash.

Yeah but even then from what I hear MUA3 is decent but nothing exception also way to short from what I hear. What a waste of Elsa Bloodstone.

So far the only thing good about CD’s game is that it might have the Kahmala Khan Mrs Marvel. It is nice to have her in one of these products. One of the better marvel characters of the past five years.




Yeah I figured that too. Proof that not all legacy characters are tokens or products of bad writing. All they need is time, attention and an audience.


I also hope Hakan’s admission that Episodic releasing was his brainchild and not some “greedy Square Enix experiment” will also inform people to back off from Square Enix.

It shows that not all publishers and producers are evil, and that sometimes even our most beloved developer can make mistakes. :wink:


I mean episodic was a noble idea with or without SE involvement. But what I love more is that this has let me see some nuggets of knowledge fot the Resort (I actually will watch the documentary later). But I think it is well on the way for a September release.


I’m also intrigued by the comment that certain “Large Scale Replayability Features” were cut out of HITMAN 2.

Of course that doesn’t mean they were deleted, just set aside. Now I’m imagining that they probably were developing a map maker and Mission script maker for players to use. :laughing:


I assure you it will bomb. Every Marvel fan will buy it just because is Avengers. Me included.


Critically it will be a flop you are most likely right. Fiscally it will be top-of-the-pops because, again you are right, it has the Marvel logo and it has the aesthetic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is immensely popular with a broad range of demographics.

And it will not have the X-Men I bet.