My view on IOI changed after the documentary

Yeah but they thought his reputation and calculated fan anger at studio greed assured them of success.

Almost everything I suggested was about giving fans “something”. Like allowing them more collaboration or input. But that was seen as sort of treating fans as Producers. But in the film business that’s the modicum of respect.

You take someone’s money cause sure YOU know how to make the movie. But anybody giving you that money is interested in making that movie and they are not giving it to you in a vacuum.

They kinda forgot that for a while.

For episodic to work… It requires a system. The players need to feel like you respect their Investment in your enterprise. Like if you buy the whole 60 USD you get some kind of exclusive access or something… or you become an NPC in a future episode/mission + you get all the episodes as it comes out. Or even that you get the next chapter a full month before it can be bought individually.

You get a shirt… something. Just don’t leave them with only a promise.

Too many promises floating around. Hahaha.


the obsession with the blackballer continues lol


Is now a bad time to mention that my only tier on Patreon right now is $1, which is basically the “because you feel like being nice to me” tier? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No depending on what you do on Patreon that’s OK. As Hakan mentions. There are barriers to entry. 1 USD is just 1 dollar away from FREE.

So depending on what it is that’s fine. Also depends on precedent. What you offered before affects what you can offer later.

Look at Bethesda. DOOM 1, 2, and 3 re-release but now require Doom Slayer internet account to work. booo… but IOI got away with that. One reason is that the login was a new barrier to the three games that didn’t need it before.

We made the same argument for HITMAN but that game launched with the login system from day 1 so we had no actual precedent of this title not having a login.

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Well you have something. I was thinking less on the gameplay side and more on he marketing and advertising side (although there is an overlap between gameplay and artistic pragmatism)

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Yeah, to be fair, it’s a tongue-in-cheek placeholder tier while I figure out what to actually put on there permanently :stuck_out_tongue:

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“You used to charge just 1 USD… Now you want 1.50?!? WHY!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you’re Nintendo… switching Online from FREE on Wii-U to 20 USD annually on Switch…You can get away with it… add free games… Price it as half of PSN… Splatoon 2… Smash Bros…

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A man can’t live on 1 dollar a week…
he needs a $1.25


Wait, Switch online costs money?! I’ve only played Let’s Go Eevee on mine so far, so I didn’t know! :open_mouth:

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It was free for Year 1… then they made it 20 USD per year. Certain games require NSO for multiplayer. But games that use Local Multiplayer between Switch systems do not require NSO if using Local Multiplayer. And F2P games do not need NSO for internet multiplayer.

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Me: I know! 10 year old Pokémon games still retail at full price! :thinking:


20 year old Pokemon games are still full retail. It could be the universal heat death and Super Mario Galaxy will still be 80 fucking dollars

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To be fair, after a googol years’ worth of inflation, $80 won’t be a bad price. Won’t be able to buy a penny sweet for $80 by then!

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I’m not entirely sure that would have been the case. I think the reason the going free-to-start method worked well was simply because IO had a full season for players to upgrade to and jump in. There wasn’t any waiting, forgetting, and abandoning the game after a long wait.
I’m pretty sure they mentioned (either here or elsewhere) that one of the few problems people had or complained about in the beginnings of this release model was that people were paying 60$ for only one mission.

The players left unsatisfied by that or who were quickly burnt out by it probably didn’t return in the future to download and play the other episodes they paid for. Heck, there were probably quite a few Steam Refunds within the first 2 hours because they had bought a full product for one (at the time) level. I do remember that there was a lot of confusion as to what all the marketing terms meant and how it worked. (‘The Full Experience? Wouldn’t that mean I get future Seasons for free, too??’)

I really loved this documentary, it was nice to get a larger insight into the scenes behind the time from Absolution to H2. Like a lot of the fans here on the forum, I blamed Square-Enix a lot and had a lot resentment towards them for putting IO and Hitman in danger.

But I must say I have found a lot new found respect for them, in the way they handled the transition and not just selling the studio and franchise off to the highest bidder. Giving IO the chance to take back the control.

This video is very reassuring when it comes to the both the franchise and the studios future, knowing that just because IO took a beating they are still fighting.

I’m really looking forward to the coming games from IO. Also what a feat they pulled off creating H2 with no money, 40% less employees and a much smaller time frame and to me it’s a better game then H16. I can’t nothing but applaud IO for pulling this off.


That documentary is really well-made. Great research and feel for the franchise and IOI. They even refer to Codename 47. You can see that the interviewed talk very openly. The “things you just found out about Hitman” should be exploding by now.

Looking forward to the other parts.

Has anyone here ever played Mini Ninjas? I saw the Easter eggs referring to then but never played the game.

Also pretty excited they didn’t forget to keep Freedom Fighters’ IP. Not sure they’ll do something with it, but it’s in good hands :slight_smile:


Well luckily I don’t really concern myself with what Fortheseven thinks of my opinion of these two titles. I prefer H2 over H16 and that is how the cookie crumbles.


Fortheseven is allowed to disagree with me on this, not going to hold that against him. Also I hope that people feel safe enough here to say what they think of the game without fearing for voicing their opinion :wink:


Well said m8 :+1:

The first time they talked seriously about that publicly was in August 2018 in an interview for here :

A lot of people missed this article and did not know about all of that. So a majority, for example, wondered why cinematics were not of the same quality as the previous game. But with that in mind, it’s perfectly understandable.

We must not forget to thank Sumo Digital team who designed two levels (Santa Fortuna and Sgail) to help IO. Without sumo, no Hitman 2 could have been possible.

Sumo Digital collaborated with IO Interactive once more to craft the deep jungle ‘Colombia’ and ‘Isle of Sgail’ contracts for the renowned assassin.