My Wishlist For Unlockable Items In Hitman 3

My wishlist for unlockable items in Hitman 3 is as follows:


-Public Enemy Suit (from" Hitman: Absolution")

-Contracts Suit (from Beldingford Manor’s Loading Screen in “Hitman: Contracts”)

-Chicken Suit (from “Hitman: Blood Money” and "Hitman: Absolution)

-Chipmunk Suit (from “Hitman: Absolution”)


-Bronson M1928 Sub Machine Gun (from “Hitman: Absolution” - but this time with 50 rounds in the drum magazine instead of 30 rounds)

-Fusil X2000 Stealth Assault Rifle

-Shashka A33 Gold Assault Rifle

-“Hitman 2”/Season 2 Aluminum Travel Briefcase (image source:

-Antique Sedative Syringe

-Modern Sedative Syringe MKIII



What is your wishlist for unlockable items? Please let me know!

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What was the point of making another thread for this? There is already an H3 unlocks wishlist thread

My bad. I didn’t see it (I just joined the Forums). Should I delete the thread and post there?

We’ll just request someone like @Urben to move your post to the proper thread.

Sorry to the other moderators, I don’t know who all is one.

You can do that, if it is just one post it does not need a moderator to do something. :stuck_out_tongue: If you delete your first post here, the thread should be no longer visible for others.