Name Inconsistencies?

So I was making a contract in world of tomorrow but I decided to do landslide instead. For both I used the bohemian as a target and I noticed they had completely different names. I have two guesses for this—one the names are randomly generated.
Two, landslide takes place before world of tomorrow so maybe a different hippie who left all of his furniture and looks the same as the next guy who moved in lives there and the new guy kept all of the old furniture. Obviously this isn’t the case so why are the names like this? I’ve seen other people report other name inconsistencies like this.

What about the hippie in Colombia?

I’m not sure about him I haven’t checked yet. He’s supposed to be the one from sapienza, correct?

It’s the same guy.

His name is Torres Piombo, same name in World of Tommorow and Three Headed Serpent.

Haven’t checked, probably.

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Does the hippie appear in embrace of the serpent also?

Yeah so now my question is it’s an error that the hippie in landslide has a different name right? I’m pretty sure that’s the case

yeah its def an error. among the many errors

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Isn’t this also a problem with the Bank? Some names during Mission Story dialogue is different to the names in Contracts Mode?

I think the Sweater guy is called “Jackson” during the dialogue with Savalas, but his last name becomes “Leeds” in Contracts?

most of the mentioned names in the Bank arent correct in contracts, i think

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I started at the Hostel in Embrace the Serpent, and yeah, the Hippie is there. He’s talking with the other guy…

When Vanya Shah is talking to her peasants, the names she calls them aren’t even remotely close to what Contracts mode says they are.

Also that one board member in Sgail whose middle name is apparently ?Kiki?

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