It’s that time of year again! :smiley:

Every APRIL 7th; Choose your absolute favorite Target, from any of the Hitman games and select it for your Profile picture / Avatar…But remember, choose carefully…That target will be your avatar for 47 DAYS! (No switching back once you selected one, show some Hitman spirit!)

HOWEVER… (@Vinnie_Sinistra came up with a brilliant idea)

To keep things fun and interesting throughout the 47 days (and this is purely optional) But If you wish to change your selected targets photo throughout the 47 days, feel free to do so. Meaning, it still has to be the same target you chose, just a different version of said target. Feel free to do this as much as you’d like until the final day of this event (May 24th)
Once again, great idea Vinnie!



(On the 24th of May, you can change back your avatar to whatever you wish.)

As a reminder…
I took the liberty in gathering ALL TARGETS from every Hitman game. Please note that you do not have to choose the photos i provided as your preferred target. If you find a better one, you may certainly use that instead. The following are just here for your convenience when choosing.


[details=HITMAN CODENAME 47]

Red Dragon Negotiator

Blue Lotus Negotiator

Chief of Police

Lee Hong

Pablo Belisario Ochoa

Fritz Fuchs

Frantz Fuchs

Arkadij Jegorov

Odon Kovacs

The 48’s

Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer



Don Guiseppe Guiliano


General Makarov

Igor Kubasko

Mikhail Bardachenko

Vladimir Zhupiov

Masahiro Hayamoto Jr.

Masahiro Hayamoto Sr.

Brat Charlie Sidjan

Charlie Sidjan

Ahmed Zahir

Mohammad Amin

Abdul Bismillah Malik

Yussef Hussein

ASSASSINS (Temple City Ambush)

Dr. Hannelore Von Kamprad

Deewanna Ji


Sergei Zavorotko



Campbell Sturrock “Meat King”

Andrei Puscus

Fabian Fuchs

Sergei Bjarkhov

Lord Winston Beldingford

Alistair Beldingford

Klaas Teller

Rutghert Van Leuven

Ivanovich Deruzhka “Boris”

Fritz Fuchs

Frantz Fuchs

Red Dragon Negotiator

Blue Lotus Negotiator

1 of the 6 Blue Lotus Triad members

Chief of Police

Lee Hong

Inspector Albert Fournier

Richard Delahunt

Philippe Berceuse



Joseph Clarence

Fernando Delgado

Manuel Delgado

Alvaro D’ Alvade

Richard Delahunt

Carmine DeSalvo

Lorenzo Lombardo

Rudy Menzana

Vinnie “Slugger” Sinistra

Angelina Mason

Raymond Kulinsky

Mark Purayah II

Chad Bingham Jr.

Lorne De Havilland

? Mysterious Assassin

Everett Jefferson

Junior o’ Daniel

William S. Corfitz

Adam Hendrikson

Joe Netberg

Elijah Krup

Skip Muldoon

Hank Leitch “Buddy” Muldoon

John “Pappy” LeBlanc

Hendrik Schmutz

Tariq Abdul Lateef

Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa

Anthony Martinez

Vaana Ketlyn

Maynard John


Daniel Morris VP

Mark Parchezzi lll

Rick Henderson

Alexander Leland Cayne



Richard Strong Jr. ( Main Target )

Richard Strong Jr’s Bodyguards (1 of 14)


Diana Burnwood

King Of Chinatown

Dom Osmond

Bill Dole

Larry Clay

Frank Owens

Edward Wade

Luke Wheeley

Tyler Colvin

Landon Metcalf

Gavin Leblond

Mason McCready

Lenny Dexter


Heather McCarthy

Jennifer Anne Paxton

Dijana Radoncic

Agnija Radoncic

Louisa Cain

Jaqueline Moorhead

Lasandra Dixon

Marcus Green

Raymond Valentine

Dr. Warren Ashford

Clive Skurky

Layla Stockton

Blake Dexter

Jade Nguyen

Carey Scutum Jack Aegis John Hoplon

Benjamin Travis


**HITMAN 6**

Kalvin Ritter

Jasper Knight

Viktor Novikov

Dalia Margolis

Silvio Caruso

Francesca DeSantis

General Reza Zaydan

Claus Strandberg

Jordan Cross

Ken Morgan

Sean Rose

Penelope Graves

Ezra Berg

Maya Parvati

Erich Soders

Yuki Yamazaki


Dino Bosco

Kong Tuo-Kwang

Matthieu Mendola

Marco Abiatti


**THE SARAJEVO SIX** (PS4 Targets Only)

Scott Sarno "The Director"

Gary Lunn "The Enforcer"

Walter Menard "The Extractor"

John Stubbs "The Veteran"

Patrick Morgan "The Mercenary"

Taheiji Koyama "The Controller"

[details=HITMAN: SNIPER (App)]

Markus Krug

Basia Romanowski

Jaroslav Benak

Baltasar Cabasso

Dimitri Lefkos

Omid Maklouf

Vincent Krug

Dr. Ralph Ashbury

Kim “Kimber” Euston

Colin Ningbo

Tuulia Hernandez

Kevin Borts


ELUSIVE # 1 The Forger

ELUSIVE # 2 The Congressman

ELUSIVE # 3 The Prince

ELUSIVE # 4 The Sensation

ELUSIVE # 5 The Gunrunner

ELUSIVE # 6 The Twin

ELUSIVE # 7 The Wild Card

ELUSIVE # 8 The Broker

ELUSIVE # 9 The Black Hat

ELUSIVE # 10 The Pharmacist

ELUSIVE # 11 The Fixer

ELUSIVE # 12 The Identity Thief

ELUSIVE # 13 The Ex Dictator & The Gold Digger

ELUSIVE # 14 The Chef

ELUSIVE # 15 The Angel of Death

ELUSIVE # 16 The Guru

ELUSIVE # 17 The Food Critic

ELUSIVE # 18 The Chameleon

ELUSIVE # 19 The Blackmailer

ELUSIVE # 20 The Warlord

ELUSIVE # 21 The Surgeons

ELUSIVE # 22 The Bookkeeper

ELUSIVE # 23 The Paparazzo

ELUSIVE # 24 The Badboy

ELUSIVE # 25 The Fugitive
(1 of random 3)
“Nose Guy”

“Eye Guy”

“Ear Guy”

ELUSIVE # 26 The Entertainer

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That’d be pretty damned cool actually!


Thanks! :smile: Yeah, I like it. I hope everyone will consider doing this. I would really like for this to become a tradition in the forum.

Just thought It would be cool to see the forum filled with all different types of targets.
(for 1 week, or so) I think just seeing people’s choice of target would say a lot about them lol
Plus it would just be fun in general I think.


My choice wouldnt surprise anyone, but i’ll do it :smiley:


:smirk: I’m sure it won’t haha, but cool though,
I hope everyone does it, it’ll be really neat to have the whole forum full of different targets :smiley:

Mark your calendars for APRIL 7th (4/7)
National Hitman / 47 Day :smile:


It’s a fun idea. I’m already the sort of person who switches his wallpapers etc almost every week, so I have to practice some serious restraint committing to an avatar. I hope this works as a sort of rehab thing for me in that respect.


Lol maybe.
I mean, it don’t necessarily have to be a week, I was just thinking out loud. But definitely change the avatar at least on the 7th and I guess people can keep it for as long as they wish after that. I was just saying maybe, at least 1 week so everyone would have a chance to see everyone’s.


No no, I think week sounds like a good period, if it’s just a day, it’s easy to miss, and changing the avatar back makes it more like a tradition of let’s remind us of 47 (okay, maybe that doesn’t need much reminding of in a forum dedicated for Hitman) instead of Let’s Change Our Avatars Week.


i’ll do it.

20 characters


Awesome man! Let’s spread the word, this will be so cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2:


Fun idea. Would be cool to see people’s favorite targets. Consider me in on this!


On the day of April 7, a new tradition shall be born :grinning:


my favorite target is either sergei or wheelchair guy… or limpdick lenny


Alright cool… Let’s just keep who we will be choosing under wraps until 4/7. Just so everyone is surprised and don’t get influenced on choosing the same target :wink:


American date? No thank you. 4th July 4/7.


To each his own :smirk: I’m doing it as it appears
Not because it’s American…

Besides July 4th or 4th of July, is already a holiday. Didn’t want to share “Holidays” :wink:


So you think it’s fitting that April 7th is the World Health Day :wink:

2015 the theme of World Health Day was food safety haha.


I’m down to do this as well! Setting a reminder on my phone…


Yeah “food safety” very fitting when 47 is around it :smile:


That’s great man! I’m glad people like this idea! Obviously the Hitmanforum has taste :relieved:

Is there a way to make this announcement so EVERYONE on here can see it? And not just on THIS particular thread. Like a message to everyone, or a link or invite?

I’m afraid I’m not really sure… :confused: