I just imagined 47 saying “lol” and it was pretty weird


@AGENT_58 yeah :joy: Yeah. Now ya had me picture it. Can’t imagine that either ha! :wink:


I choose Giuseppe Guillani, also known as Don “Anguillo” Guillani from Hitman Silent Assassin mission 1 Anathema, i still remember this mission as if it was yesterday. :smiley:

The getaway car :smiley:


Imagine how cool it could be if we had explosive golf ball implemented then…


You are the first who calls him with the real surname. Not Guillani, but Giuliani, as he’s called in italian version of the game, maybe inspired to a real gangster lived last century in Sicily with the same surname (it’s very common). He’s called Don Giuseppe Giuliani, aka ANGUILLA (it means “eel”), not Anguillo, like I always read. I loved that mission.



Only a few weeks away until “National HITMAN / 47 Day.” I guess I’ll just change my avatar to another Vinnie pic or something when that time comes. lol


List of New Added Targets For this year:
Silvio Caruso

Francesca De Santis

Claus Hugo Strandberg

Reza Zaydan

Dino Bosco

Matthieu Mendola

Kong Tuo-Kwang

Jordan Cross

Ken Morgan

Sean Rose

Ezra Berg

Penelope Graves

Maya Parvati

Erich Soders

Yuki Yamazaki


You forgot ETs. That includes around 24 more targets counting the one on Friday.


I am only adding main targets for now. I was thinking tho, this raises the question since they are never gonna show up again. Would they be same as the other targets?


Dead people never show up again. Besides, you can’t just leave someone as cool as Adeze Oijofor, Etta Davis or Gary Busey out like that.


LOL. Good Point. Alot of them are really well built Characters.


It’s remarkable to look through the images of these characters and reflect on how far Glacier engine has come.



I already have every single target listed in the O.P.

EVERY target from all the games, including all current Elusives and the Sarajevo Six. I will add the rest of the Elusives when they release :smiley:

Thank you @Vinnie_Sinistra for bringing this thread up, I was gonna do it a couple days ago but forgot to lol just thought it was a great idea to bring this topic back ahead of time so everyone has enough time to choose and discuss.

Remember, what ever target you all choose, that will be your avatar for exactly 47 Days! Choose carefully


I honestly don’t know who my favorite target is. Last year I did Agent 17, but I don’t think he’s my favorite. Might just do a random one.


Great idea @AGENT4T7. Soon as i read the op, I immediately started searching and found my target.



Thank you! Yeah I already know who I’m picking as well :smiley:

This will actually be the 2nd year for this “forum holiday” I’m glad people are still interested, I hope even more people than last year decide to join in on this.

And @theinternet11 that’s fine, it dosent necessary have to be your most favorite target, just a target you really like. It’s fine if it’s different than last years choice, you don’t have to choose the same target you did last time (unless you really want to of course.)

Last year I chose Raymond Kulinsky from BM, but this year I can tell you it will be different :wink:


@ingrobny, the change is on April 7th :bear::stuck_out_tongue:.


Hahaha, you noticed it? Well done, i’m just making Don Guiseppe ready :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.