Who did I miss? You have to tell me. PM me


Who is this elusive mystery?


Idk, but I’d really like to know who I missed… because I’m 99.99% sure I got everyone :smile:

All main targets from every game, even all the current elusives…

On the actual day of “47 Day” the new elusive will be released, so I obviously can’t add that one, yet.


I guess it’s safe to say Vinnie is already taken. Heh.


Indeed! You ARE Vinnie Sinistra… anyone else who picks him would just be an imposter :laughing:


So now people are making reservations? What? Chill guys.


No need for reservations. Lol It’s inevitable, there are only so many targets and hundreds of people on the forum, there are definitely going to be people with the same target and that’s fine.


Lol. I wasn’t serious about that at all. If someone else want’s to have a Vinnie avatar, I don’t mind.


Agreed. It’s all about the actual picture choice. Look how many 47’s we have had as avatars for people yet all are original to the person. :+1:


You’ll find out on 4/7. :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


Ugh! :weary:

Alright… and you sure it’s a “main” target…? Cause I’m almost certain I have them all… time shall tell, can’t wait to see this lol


Keyword: almost. :wink:


Don’t tell me you counted Diana as a target.


Well Diana is in the op as an option. I mean technically she was a target…

But we’ll see. Only one I can think of is the Spetznaz Agent from H2. But he wasn’t an “actual” target. He was optional (like Lenny from Absolution) so technically, I suppose one could use him…


Welp it’s 47 Day for me here already so…


Just thought I’d make a quick poll…

Will you be participating for
National Hitman / 47 Day?

  • Yes
  • No

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New Zealand’s always early :sweat_smile:


Love that pic!!! Great choice.


The day has come(at least in my country)! I picked Hannelore :blush:


I love my avatar so much,I dont want to change it :disappointed:
Cool idea though,participated last year it was fun