I already explained my pick, so here it is once more
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I chose Dr. Pavel Frydel, because:

Dr. Pavel, I’m ICA.

Also he has nice sideburns.


Chose Reza on a whim because I’ve been in Marrakesh a lot lately (@Silverballer’s fault tbh). To borrow Vinnie’s idea and make it fun, and in homage to my actual favourite target from this season, I’m going to try and kill Zany 47 ways during the event. Here’s the first 3:

Day 1, Way 1 (Sabre)

Day 2, Way 2 (Knife)

Day 3, Way 3 (Fibre Wire)


Nice idea! Have you got all the ways set out, or could I challenge you to a few?


Just used a few recent ones so far and playing it by ear, so yeah go for it (nothing too difficult plz :stuck_out_tongue:).


Motorcycle explosion :grinning:



Day 3:


Vinnie will run out of facial expressions


By that time 47 will have killed him😁


Nah, I have it covered. :smirk:


Just watch out for phantom assassins. Don’t think you’ll make it to Day 47​:grin::grin:


Only thing I don’t like about changing avatars is I realized I recognize members more from their pic and not name lol. It’s like I dont know anyone.


Lmao same here @Chef-assassin :laughing:

It’s definitely gonna take getting used to. But that’s one of the reasons I find it fun.


And it’s not just other people’s avatars. I find it a bit odd and distracting not to see my Daffy face up in the corner of the screen as well.


Lol, exactly what I said last year :smile:


I chose Hannelore Von Kamprad because she is a very bad doctor, she charges a lot of money for operations and steals chocolates and flowers from patients

jk I chose her because shes from my country :sweat_smile:


I was going to choose Xander Haverfuc-sorry, Haverfoek, AKA The Fixer, but…I’m trying not to piss people off.


lol so was I, everyone knows that’s my favourite ET :upside_down:


But in Invitation to A Party, we steal the chocolates from the Ambassador. Sweet Revenge😆