It’s my favourite ET too.

no joke


Probably not even hard by using cherry blossom. :smiley: I hope you’re doing electrocuting and drowning too. :^)


You chaps up for some manhunt?


First, fetch me some of your best :tumbler_glass:


Nice to see more Beldingfords.



I’m hoping that there is at least 47 ways including different weapon and map kills. Probably should have thought this through a bit more. :smile:

Day 4, Way 4 (Motorcycle Explosion [Accident])


Day 4:


Ain’t you dead yet, Vinnie?? BTW the guard on the second floor like your daughter.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, if you ever need ideas, just ask me :grinning:


Haha including the wife there I see, huh Vinnie? :laughing:

What is her name again…? lol Vinnie, don’t you even know your own wife’s name? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


By all means throw some my way. With so many to get through, any suggestions are more than welcome!


Let me see if there are even 47 ways to do it:

  1. Sabre
  2. Kitchen knife
  3. Fibre wire
  4. Motorcycle explosion
  5. Poison (consumed)
  6. Poison (injected)
  7. Falling object (toilet)
  8. Press accident
  9. Unarmed melee (as prisoner)
  10. Electrocution
  11. Battle axe
  12. Turret
  13. Drowning
  14. Burning
  15. Car explosion
  16. Screwdriver
  17. Fire axe
  18. Cleaver
  19. Scissors
  20. Letter opener
    21-25.Shot with pistol, SMG, shotgun, assault rifle and sniper rifle
  21. Fire extinguisher explosion
  22. Propane flask explosion
    28-29. Remote and proximity explosive explosion
  23. Folding knife
  24. Gas lamp plus gas canister explosion
  25. Nine Obara’s Machete
  26. Shuriken
  27. Janbiya
  28. Concealable knife
  29. Combat knife
  30. Exploding phone
  31. Falling (thrown over like window or well)
  32. Falling (kicked down)
  33. Falling object (moose)
  34. Unarmed melee
  35. Falling (pushed down)
  36. Explosive compound
    … I’m still 4 short. So unless you count ICA explosives, rubber ducks, demo blocks, Blownaparte, Iconator and breaching charges as different weapons, you might have a problem.


Ah man, I was just going to wing it as I went along :laughing:, but thank you very much for putting a list together.

I’ll use this, and work on some variations or different things for the others spoiler[/spoiler].


Well, you can add pistol elimination and normal shot for additional kill, but that’t it.



Right, your last four are:

  1. Bomb hidden in camera
  2. Shisha Café sign (good luck with this one)
  3. Explosive phone carried by Claus Strandberg
  4. Double sniper kill, Reza and Claus

Have fun with these. Lol.


Nice, I’ll add them to the long list. :wink:

[spoiler][quote=“Silverballer, post:546, topic:4717”]
Shisha Café sign (good luck with this one)



Oh yeah. I forgot about this one. Should be about as easy as moose one, if you go for meese out of sky.


Meese < Moose
Geese < Goose
Mice < Mouse

The English language… am I right? :rofl:


Since you separated fire axe and battle axe, how about:
Old axe


Day 5: