Day 8 - Lav Drop


Day 8:


Sweeett! You got the picture!
Awesome job, ‘James’ :laughing:


Of course I did. C’mon now, don’t say you doubted me. :smirk:


Haha never! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just didn’t expect to see it so soon.




Day 9:


Hahaha, only 38 days remaining :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, but you are doing good so far :smiley:.


I have decided that my avatar is Agent 17 covered in Shadow without Sunglasses and i will roll with this avatar and then change it back after 47 to my normal one.


@Vinnie_Sinistra be like…


To celebrate being almost nearly a fifth of the way through. :smirk:

Day 9 - Reza with the Cafe Sign


Great job!

How on earth did you get him there, subdued none the less?


@Silverballer Probably ICA Space Program


I don’t think there is a way to lure him; not without a lot of hassle at least, as he loops the school and shoe shop in a panic state. It’s a good laugh chasing him though; he’s rapid for a 50 year-old in that uniform. :sweat_smile:

Bit boring, but I took the safe route in the end and killed every guard, then hauled him across from the school.


Day 10:

TFW you find out your wife not only banged the Clown, but the pool boy & caterer guy as well.


Who is the caterer guy?


Lol “shocked Vinnie” :joy:
There he is!! Love it…


Vinnie has got to be one of the most under-rated well developed characters in the hitman series.


Don’t mess with this guy


Day 10 - Propane Stigmata (Propane Accident Kill)

With it being Easter Sunday and all…