Huge tank, or a clapped out old Merc? No choice really.

It definitely wasn’t because I forgot to pick them up on the way through the consulate, or anything like that. :wink:


Day 14:

Vinnie Commits Genocide

Credit to @HHCHunter for the idea.


To speed things up a little I’m going to spark up the DeLorean and start posting some future days. To keep on-theme though, it’ll be in postings of 4s or 7s.

So here’s:

Way 15 - Gas Lamp

Way 16 - I’m Your Pusher

Way 17 - Fire Barrel

Way 18 - Moose Drop


Day 15:


Vinnie: “Jeeze… is it hot in here, or is it just me?”


It’s definitely hot in here. Why do you think I have no pants on?


Looks like Vinnie got bit by a walker. Them eyes.


“I got this feeling. Deep in my heart. It goes electric baby, when I turn it on.”
-Vinnie Sinistra

Nice eyes, Vinnie!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Way 19 - Letter Opener

Way 20 - Press Accident

Way 21 - Turret

Way 22 - Electrocution

Way 23 - Poison (Consumed)

Way 24 - Well Drop

Way 25 - Remote Explosive


Day 16:

Vinnie to his bodyguard: Who is this bald fuck that keeps following me around?


Guard : Why sir, that’s the FBI agent you ordered.
Vinnie : I asked for him when he still had hair. F-ing Internet Explorer


Bodyguard: “…”

“sir, that would be me…”


Day 17:


Way 26 - Cleaver

Way 27 - Battle Axe

Way 28 - Nne’s 'Chete

Way 29 - Connie’s Scissor Treatment


Aw Why so Sad Vinnie? Your only about to die.


Vinnie has a lot to be sad about. He’s gonna die, he lost his gun, he only has 3 channels on his TV and he doesn’t even know his own wife’s name. Poor Vinnie… :joy:


He is sad because he went from 10 likes per day minimum to only 6 yesterday and 2 today. :cry:


You’re reading a little too much into this avatar. Lol


Also the caterer and pool boy are doing his wife, the second floor guard’s a pervert, His chopper is only half finished, etc


7 explosive ways to kill Reza.

30 - Camera Bomb

31-6 - Compound, Truck Explosion, Iconator, Pale Duck, Blownaparte, FE Chain