“And that matters to me, because?!”


…“as for negotiations, there will be none! My terms are simple: 1 fully fueled chopper on this deck in 20 minutes. No hero’s. Anybody follows me, everyone dies…EVERYONE!..this conversation is over…”

Dude was not playing…:flushed:


i like lenny the best. poor bastard was really scared of dying when you and him were out in the middle of nowhere


Well he wasn’t too scared when he limped behind the dynamite and started to talk his shit lol :smirk:


it was at that moment that i shot him in the face


:joy: I made him get hit by the ice cream truck!


“oh shit, you shot all the birds on the map. let me go to my position where an ice cream van would drive past so i can get hit by the van and get flung into the air while inception music plays.” gets hit by ice cream van



Awesome video I have to make a body pile like that, it was so big he could hide in it :laughing:.


I just realized my target fit me well. WIKtor Novikov


Honestly the puns in this thread are just


20 characters…


Still rocking my target profile pic I may keep it for a while I like it.


Me too. I’ve noticed some people already changed back their profile pic. :frowning: The point of 47 day was to keep your target picture for 47 days lol
(April 7th to May 24th) I’ll change mine back on the 24th


They are breaking the tradition already? On the first year we do this. Not good.

I’m with you, and many others, 24th it is.


I don’t want to give up my duckie. I’ve heard somewhere that they disappear for no reason and take forever to get them back. HA!


Someone better remind me on this topic when the days are up. I will not remember it.


Lol that only happens with the “white” pale ducks :joy:

And yeah @WIK in the words of Viktor Novikov “Not, impressed” :smile:
It’s fine for the people that didn’t participate, but if ya did, Atleast keep it for 47 days, man! Haha! Show some spirit.


I couldn’t pull off 47 days with an avatar that wasn’t 'shopped by me. But hey, at least I took part on the day itself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@FrankFuchs I put a reminder for the 24th on my phone :laughing: Yes, I’m a geek…but a dedicated one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah that’s fine, it’s no big deal. I’m just glad a lot of people decided to participate anyway. This forum is awesome!