Need for Speed: Heat (2019)

A reveal trailer will be released later today:

Here is a link to the official YouTube channel:

According to the previous official blog post, they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Cars and Customization will still play a major role in the upcoming game. It will be released before 2019 ends.

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And here is the speculation part:

(Retrieved from YouTube user MotoGamesTV)

  • Offline gameplay
  • Set in Miami (the leaked logo somehow gets some 80s vibe)
  • Weather & daytime changing
  • Brake-to-drift (A long-term tradition from the developer Ghost Games)
  • Both legal and illegal racing events exist
  • Purchasable upgrades through in-game currency (With EA as the boss behind? There will probably still have loot boxes presented)

(Both images are retrieved from GTPlanet)

The car shown in the trailer turns out to be Volvo Polestar 1.

We are getting more Cyberpunk vibes in these years, aren’t we?


Hopefully Criterion gets to develop Need for Speed again. Most Wanted was awesome fun, and I still wish for the day EA would revive Burnout.

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They sort of do. Ghost Games employees are mostly from Criterion Games, while the leaders left the company years ago and made Burnout reminiscent games like Dangerous Driving. That’s the reason why brake-to-drift can still be found in their recent titles.

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I guess so, although Criterion does seem to exist, with them helping DICE on Star Wars: Battlefront II and Battlefield V. I havn’t played the last 2 games by Ghost Games, but I was under the impression neither of them were terribly good.

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That’s true. Both games have their pros and cons. The 2015 has beautiful graphics and vibes but with terrible driving experiences. Payback improved the driving experiences while adding the most variety of cars ever seen in the franchise, but the lack of continuous support from the developers, and micro transaction with loot boxes mechanics are definitely the worst part of the game.

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I feel like we’ve wound up with a philosophy question. If all the staff at Criterion Games are replaced, is it still the same game studio?

I doubt I will pre-order this game regardless of how promising it is, because, y’know, EA. But still, it would be nice for Need for Speed to return to its glory. I still really want Burnout back though.

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Looking forward to the trailer. As long as the game doesnt need online like the 16 one and a roulette type unlock system like payback Im down. Make unlocks with lvls or money(ingame)
And the amount of customisation of underground 2 please. Hehe…

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Offline gameplay. Okay, I am out.
I don’t need offline racers to be honest.

Still like the artwork that is the logo.

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Dunno. Perhaps they may discover a new perfect formula for the Burnout series, just like how IO did to HITMAN, or just stay as a supporting team for DICE. I thought back when EA released the remastered edition of Burnout: Paradise, they were testing if the franchise sold or not. I am definitely sold, though. :wink:

Oh yeah, if trunk stereo, spinners, and scissor-doors return, I am definitely sold, too!
I remember seeing a YouTube comment: “NFS: U2, a game where you turn a Peugeot 206 into a freaking Christmas tree.” :rofl:

I still think this works better for this genre, the map will probably not be as big as The Crew series. My races usually got ruined by other players on the road when playing 2015 (or vise versa). The game will still definitely at least have some online race modes, though.

Yeah okay, that’s true. It is just that I really like Forza Horizon 4’s take on it.
Which is more like a shared world than “real multiplayer” unless you start an event or race some guys.

25th anniversary? Damn I feel old! I still remember the 1st game and how badly it ran on my PC…
Was still tons of fun!

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Ok so I just watched the trailer, we got a 2-3 second glimpse of gameplay in the middle of it which looks like the handling and camera is gonna be like Payback, which doesn’t seem good. Trailer itself seemed all right to me, nothing to special. They’ll show gameplay 5 days from now so ima wait for that now

but the Spanish babe’s voice tho :heart_eyes:

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Racing in miami. Where have I seen this before… Hehe. Also gonna wait to have an oponion till gameplay…

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The trailer actually looks promising to me! Anyway, here is a new post from the dev:


  • Daytime race day events at “Speedhunter Showdown” (similar to Prostreet), which earn you money.
  • Nighttime illegal street racing (similar to most recent titles), which earns you “rep” (experience points).
  • You can choose to race either at day or night.
  • Location: Palm City (based on Miami).
  • Police returns with heat levels (from MW, Carbon, etc). They are more aggressive at night.
  • The antagonist is Lt. Mercer, a rouge cop (basically a new Sgt. Cross).
  • Busted at night will advance the time into daytime.
  • Speedcard from Payback says bye-bye! (Thank goodness! Now we can earn upgrades through game progressions). :sunglasses:
  • A brand new handling model (more grip).
  • No loot box and surprise mechanic (For real, EA? Do you finally learn?).
  • Character Customization for both male and female protagonist.
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So, here is details for pre-order. The game is set to be released on Nov 8th, 2019. Origin Access grants its owners 3-day early access (Nov 5th, 2019) and discount.

Standard Edition ($59.99 = €69.99)
  • K.S Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Deluxe Edition ($69.99 = €79.99)
  • K.S Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
  • K.S Edition BMW i8 Coupe
  • K.S Edition Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe
  • K.S Edition Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
  • 4x Character Outfits
  • REP Boost by 5%
  • Bank Boost by 5%
Collector's Edition ($120.64 = €108.26, physical release only)
  • All digital contents included in Deluxe Edition
  • A Die-cast Hero Car
  • A Steelbook Case
  • 4x NFS heat magnets
  • 7x NFS heat stickers
  • A premium NFS cardboard box

And just so you may be interested, CROWNED released a video showing all cars in the reveal trailer:


The main problem with the last NFS games, to me, was the handling and the lack of cops that pose an actual threat. From what I’ve read there is a new handling model, but the clips seen in the trailer do not look too promising. The cops, on the other hand, look really good and aggressive. I will definitely keep an eye on this NFS but this time I will take every new piece of information with two grains of salt.

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Meh, maybe I’ll get excited when they show gameplay footage. Let’s just hope it’s better than NFS Payback with its retarded car upgrade system.

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I would love to like this, but since it’s EA it’ll be full of terrible progression and microtransactions

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Indeed. Although one thing to point out is in the Mustang shot, stunt camera will be available (Also the road looks similar to canyon road in Carbon).

Oh and they got the accent right. Hope is voice acting will get improved this time :wink:

I agree. 2015’s handling was pretty much shit, payback was an improvement (although off-roading was still weird). From the looks of it, at least we can confirm there will be freeroam patrol police cars and helicopter. Hope is police pursuit can actually be interesting this time.

Yeah, the blog post said Speedcard is gone. That RNG shit always made me rant whenever I got a part with jump bonus.

The dev claimed there will be paid DLCs instead of microtransactions, loot boxes, and surprise mechanics. But we all know EA will still find some places to monetize, so yeah, we’ll see.

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