Need help making a buying decision (PC version)

Hi fellow Hitman fans,

I am currently contemplating where to buy HITMAN WoA: Xbox Store or Steam.
I own all games on Xbox but recently sold my Series X because I want to go back to PC gaming, full-tim so to speak.

I own HITMAN and HITMAN 2 on Steam, and I can play Hitman III through the Xbox Store through GamePass up until it expires.

Advantage Xbox Store: I can use my Xbox save game. Yay!
Advantage Steam: It’s Steam and I could play the game on my Deck without having to install Windows.

So, my question is: Is it possible, if I start the game FRESH to unlock EVERYTHING (besides the items that were removed, of course) in Hitman WoA or am I missing out on something important?

I have no problem with unlocking all the stuff again. I need an excuse to play more Hitman anyway, lol.

If the question has already been answered, please just point me in the right direction.


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There are a few things that cannot be unlocked anymore - namely the three performance coins from Hitman 1 and the Black Winter Suit (can someone confirm that one?). There are platform-specific suits that you can only get by playing on Playstation, Xbox or PC (plus the orange Stadia one that is not currently available).

You already specified you weren’t talking about the removed items like the Electrocution phone.

It’s really the same game across all three with some very minor unlocked items that i mentioned.


Alright thanks!
I bought it on Steam.

(Love the username btw.)