Need help please. NO Access [Solved]

I posted earlier on that I have the Hitman 2 Gold edition that came in the briefcase. Ive played all the missions already but when I signed on last night to download the expansion pack for the Bank it said I had no access to Miami thru Isgle. I tried to delete the game and reinstall and same problem happening. Can someone please help me work out what I should do? Again ive played all the missions and now I only have the Bank and new Special Assignments but none of the regualr missions Miami thru Isgle. Please any help. Playing on PS4

Search for the add-on “New York” and “Special Assignment” They’re separate downloads from the base update.

I already have the Bank and Special Assignments downloaded. Those are the only missions working. My regular Miami thru Isgle missions arent

Are you sure you’re launching the correct version of Hitman 2?
Have you tried reinstalling the Hitman 2 locations by going to “Your Add-ons”. Not reinstalling the base game but reinstalling the actual maps.

Yes of course. I have had Hitman 2 since the preorder and got it with the briefcase from Gamestop. Ive played all the Missions of Miami thru Isgle of Sgail but now its saying I need the downloaded content from each mission and only mission available is Hawk Bay. The system is acting like I only have the Starter pack when I really have the Gold. Not sure why now all of a sudde. It would say I have no access

When I go to my download section there arent any downloads for the indivuial missions of Miami, Wittelton, Islge etc only download was Hawk Bay

Ive even tried to do the refresh of licensing in the System settings and nothing happening. I tried ti delete the game and reinstall looking for the indivual downloads for Miami thru Islgle and nothing is there to download. My disk should read its the gold edition when I did the reinstall download

Ok I think I know whats going on.

You’re saying that the only dlc you could find in the add-ons list is Hawke’s Bay, right?
You need to uninstall Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack. Free Starter Pack only includes Hawke’s Bay.

You muust have downloaded it while trying to download New York, there’s currently an issue where it redirects you to download Free Starter Pack instead of New York.

How do I do that? I have a feeling its reading my game like its the Starter Pack too but How do i delete it?

You are right! Because I got the reciept for the Starter Pack I purchased zi just checked my email!

You should have two Hitman 2 versions in PS menu, uninstall the digital one and keep the disc version.

I think I did that last night. If I delete them both and start over will it read it correctly?

Ok cool. Uninstall that. You can launch your disc version now and you should have access to all your maps + the new ones.

You only delete the digitsl one (free starter pack) , keep the disc version.

Ill try that as soon as I get home from work. Thanks alot!

If I was to delete everything and start over it should read the disk version tho Id hope

Ok. Report back if there are any issues. I doubt that there’ll be any though. Once you’ve uninstalled the digital version of Hitman 2 and launch the disc Gold version, you’re set to go

Yes, 100%.

Ill definitly do that today at 3pm. Thanks alot for helping. Ive been freaking out since last night

Np. Many have had the issues of being redirected to the Free Starter Pack so I knew what was going on. Good luck hope everything goes well and welcome to Hitmanforum.


I wish I could go home and check it now because its been driving me crazy on what I was doing wrong and now im at work going nuts wanting to run home to fix it lol. Thanks again for your help I truly appreciate it

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