Need Help with Hitman 2 GOTY legacy pack

So I decided to finally play the game after all this time. I got onto the Xbox store and typed in Hitman 2. I decided I’d get the version that game with the remastered 2016 levels. I download the 19 gb hitman 2 download and turn it on only to find out I don’t have access to the new levels. I decide to download all the other add ons and restart the console but I could only play hawkes bay. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? The store says I own hitman 2 but for some reason I have no access to the missions after paying 60 dollars

what you described seems correct maybe @Travis_IOI can help you with this.

my suggestion is: have u played hawkes bay?

Maybe you need to go in the store and search for all locations manually and download them manually?
Have you tried this?

Yes but once I finish I can’t progress

I did. I just typed it Hitman 2 Miami and it only had an option to pay 60 bucks or 100 for gold edition. I assumed that the hitman 2 game was the 60 bucks I spent and the remastered 2016 levels and outfits were extras. I’m just really confused that the actual game I thought I paid for is missing

Remastered 2016 levels is called Legacy Pack.
If you own HITMAN 2016 game this pack should be free for you.
I don’t possess Xbox and I don’t know how it works, but I assume for $60 you should’ve got the full game, not some Pack (e.g. Hawkes Bay Pack, Miami Pack, Santa Fortuna Pack etc.).
Some say restoring licences could help to get access to all the game.
Did you do the hard console reset? It may help as well.
But I can’t advise you something, let’s see what @Travis_IOI and other Xbox owners have to say

do you have hitman 2016?

Yes I do. A digital copy of it

Here is a screenshot of my order from the store

I think I figured it out. For whatever reason even though it’s says so in the store, that pack only comes with the base game not the actual missions so I decided to uninstall everything, apply for a refund and go buy just the base game. Now I can see the missions ready to install after the base game. Really poor layout in the store. It’s hard to know what you’re actually getting. It’s also confusing to have separate levels to install when the game was released all as one and not as episodes. Thanks for those who replied though

Glad you sorted it out. It is a bit confusing, the way they did it.

i’m happy u solved it :slight_smile:

Yeah it is or I just did a rookie mistake. If I redownload the 2016 game, can I unlock those missions too or can you only do it through a purchase?

You could buy Hitman and play that but it is completely separate from Hitman 2.

In short, I think, you can buy Hitman in various forms, probably quite cheaply, and play all the older missions. Nothing done there carries over to Hitman 2, no maps, no saved games, no progress, nothing at all.

You can buy Hitman 2 and, obviously, play all the Hitman 2 missions.

What you bought allows you to play the Hitman missions in Hitman 2 (all of them including bonus missions). If you haven’t got the refund you can buy Hitman 2 and use what you have.

I hope that helps.

No I got it all sorted. It’s just the way all the different versions and their contents show up in the Xbox store that makes it confusing. I thought the legacy pack included both games and that was the problem. So I had to delete that and get the base H2 game with the new missions. I’ve got H1 installing again right now and so I’m gonna go through that and unlock the legacy pack in H2. After looking on Google that’s supposedly how you can get both sets of missions in one game.

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Sounds right, yes. It is definitely a bit confusing, the way they did it.