Need help with my Silverballer airsoft replica

This thread soon be like…


Hello fellow hitmen, it’s been a while since I updated so here’s the 411:

Since I have posted here last, I have:

  • Contacted the guys who are making my custom suppressor, they’re working on the definitive model after some corrections were made (luckily) thanks to Badeaguard.

  • I have contacted WE for “spare” parts that I needed from the MEU 1911. They referred me to KYAirsoft which sells a ton of individual parts for WE pistols. I corresponded with them as well and they were very helpful with providing me information on the parts that I needed. I have ordered them now, which were the:

• trigger (with three circle holes)
• skeleton style cocking hammer (which will be dyed black, but it’s easy to sand it off).
• straight mainspring housing (which will be black also, but I think it’s made of plastic, so nothing to do about that unfortunately. It doesn’t bother me too much though).

  • Took the magazine I was gifted by Badeaguard and went to my father for some tips on how to remove the black coating on the magazine base. He took out his tools and started sanding right away. Got off the black coating with ease, then polished it up by using the phosphorous side of a matchbox (the tricks and tips he has up is sleeve are innumerable). So thanks again Badeaguard for providing me with the perfect magazine, it looks amazing on the gun!

I will update more once either my suppressor arrives or my parts arrive from Hong Kong. Both might take a while though, but my project is starting to come to fruition!

Thanks everyone for the support. :smile:


Great job, hope to see it finished!

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Made in steel like the rest of the gun. Only plastic parts are the one inside.

That looks so cool!

Can you share a link for the grips? Your are a lot more brighter than mine and that is the exact color I am looking for.

If the mainspring housing is metal too that’s great news! I can sand it off just the same. :smile:
I also just noticed the beaver tail grip safety on the MEU version is more similar than the one on my 1911, so I ordered that too. It’ll be black as well, but now I know I can just sand all of it off anyway.

The grips I ordered were Pachmayr American Legend Heritage Walnut. I think they should be the exact same yours were, maybe they look brighter on the picture because of the lighting? In any case, I got mine from a Belgian gun store:

They have an outdated website though, so the Heritage Walnut grips don’t show up on in their online catalog. I had to call them and ask them if they had those in stock and they did so they e-mailed me a payment request and then shipped them to me.

I just noticed the screw with which the medallions are locked in place, I noticed I’m gonna need a tiny Allen wrench to unscrew it so I’m gonna go ask the old man if he has one, otherwise go to the hardware store. Not entirely sure what you meant with drilling a hole on the back of the medallions yet. Also I might actually have my own custom set of medallions made because the ones on my version of the Silverballer are white and silver:

Do you still have the contact information of who made those medallions for you?


Nope, I don’t.

But search online for Custom Jewelry 3D designers. Providing the measurements they can help and for something that small I remember I paid 50$. But this only for the 3D files.
The printing of the medallions costed 300€ and this only because in 2015\16 printing something so small was a big thing.

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Hello everybody, hopefully someone see’s this, I’m also very interested in creating a silverballer but would love someone to help me as I’m still clueless😅 would be amazing if someone could drop their Facebook or WhatsApp and we could talk.

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Hopefully I can get in contact with him and thank you!

Hi there, I have a dedicated thread about it from 2 airsoft versions. Take a look and if you have some question post there. I should updated my posts next week.
If you look at the begging of this one instead you will find info step by step on how to replicate the ICA Silverballer from a WE1911 airsoft.


Which 1911 would you recommend to use? Not looking for a super expensive pistol. The we? Was looking at the cybergun but not sure where to pick up a plain slide to get it engraved.

But thank you I shall read through it now!

The WE is perfect till a certain point. I would go with that if you’re searching for a quick and simple way.

My replicas instead are nothing but simple. It took some time to realize certain things and I was also searching for an easy way to make it from a gun that is preferably unmarked till I realized I want to make it from the very best options available.
Currently I’m helping someone from the UK that is doing it on the same arisoft pistol I have and I’m also selling some custom titanium parts to him.

I was looking into the cybergun but was thinking how did you remove the markings on the slide, was it a light sandpaper?

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And is there any other way I could contact you possibly? As a forum isn’t the best way😅.

Cybergun is perfect if you’re searching for the real Hardballer look because it’s divided in 2 colors.
I took it to a place where they sanded down the sides of the slide, remade the original finish and then engraved it. The results were wonderful but they told me it was difficult because that gun is not made out of true metal but instead a combination of some materials to make it feel like steel.

Personally I didn’t do nothing on my replica. I just contacted people, told them what I want and they delivered.

Thank you I shall look into it!

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Hello my fellow assassins. Sorry it took this long to update you all. I was busy with work so this post is long overdue, I apologize.

Yesterday my masterpiece arrived. The custom made suppressor by Black Print (a company recommended by badeaguard). It is flawless, a work of art. Well worth the price and patience. This is a 1:1 replica of the Silverballer suppressor that appears in Hitman 2. I want to thank Alex for referring me to these professionals, they did an astounding job.



In the meantime, I have ordered custom parts for my Silverballer from the company that supplies and sells replacement parts for WE brand pistols. I ordered the mainspring housing, trigger, cocking hammer and the beaver tail grip safety from the black MEU WE 1911.

All of them, but the trigger, are dyed black, so I’ve been trying to sand the black paint off to reveal the silver colour underneath. It’s still a work in progress. Also I am still waiting for the grip safety to arrive, but once it does, I’ll be ready to sand that piece as well and then have all the parts replaced at an Airsoft shop (as I have no clue how to disasemble this gun myself). Afterwards, all that’s left are the grip medallions. I’ve chosen to not engrave the pistol. It seems there would be too many complications involved with this model, and there are barely any engravings on the Hitman 2 Silverballer anyway.

Here you can see my progress in sanding the pieces I already have, placed by the pieces they will eventually replace.

I’ll keep updating until my project is finished, it might take weeks, it might take months. But I’ll get there eventually.


It truly looks identical with the ICA Silverballer. Despite I hate that weapon in game, real life looks really amazing.
And that silencer is wonderful!

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Hey there! How did this project ended up?
I’m working on something new and while searching for parts I came across these grips which led me to think about your replica

It seems this website has a lot of spare parts for selling and even cheap. There are 9 pages only for your gun’s mark WE