Need help with my Silverballer airsoft replica

Hello everyone, I’ve lurked on this forum for a long while. Finally made an account so I could get this forum’s opinion/help on something I’ve been working on.

I’ve always wanted to make a Silverballer replica in real life as soon as I saw people creating them. The deal was sealed when the Hitman 2 collector’s edition was revealed to include an ICA gun case. I thought it would be a perfect project to create the replica and store it in this case. These last few weeks I’ve made a ton of progress, but I’m not done yet. I’ll include a picture of what I have so far.

(I would post more, but I’m only allowed 1 picture as I’m new to the forum.)

I have the WE-Tech v3 Matte Chrome 1911, with Walnut Heritage Pachmayr grips. Also ordered the foam to replace the stuff that was originally in the gun case. I have a suppressor too, but I’m not satisfied with it. This is where I would need your help the most:

My mock suppressor is 130mm in length and 32mm in diameter. I think it’s a bit too short though and have been considering buying another one, but I don’t know which one. Some that are on my consideration list are:

  • Madbull Gemtech 9mm Trinity
  • Madbull Gemtech Outback II

Both of these are also around 130mm long though, and I was thinking about getting one that is around 150mm long. Do you guys have any suggestions on suppressors that might look good on a 1911? Preferably, I’d like one that’s completely plain (as in, no trademarks anywhere). Worst case I can just grind off the trades with some sandpaper.

I’ve seen some amazing suppressors on replicas shown in this forum years ago. Badeaugard’s is the coolest suppressor I’ve seen, but I know his was custom made. Would be neat to know how long it is though, it looks like the perfect length. Anyways, once I do finally have a suppressor I’m satisfied with, all I would need to finish off my replica would be to:

  • Replace the trigger with a 3-hole trigger (I know Nova makes one for the Tokyo Marui 1911 I think will fit on a WE 1911 just fine).
  • Replace the Mainspring Housing with a flat one, although that might be tough to get. I haven’t found one readily available for an airsoft 1911, unsure if a real-steel will fit too. I hope someone in this forum could assist me with this.
  • Get the ICA trademarks laser-engraved on the gun (I’m going to have to do a lot of research on this).
  • Replace the hammer with a skeleton one. (Also unsure how I’m going to pull this off. I have one idea, where I can order a black skeleton hammer for a WE-Tech MEU 1911, and just sand it until it shows the silver aluminum underneath).

Anyways, there’s still a lot of work to be done, but for now my main focus is the suppressor. Do you guys have any suggestions? Or already have a replica that has a cool suppressor you could recommend? Thanks a bunch in advance!


Contact this guys! I made mine from them and I assure you it’s made out of a good quality. Not to say they are improving their skills more and more. The price is really not that high. Might cost you the shipping depending if you live in Europe or not. I paid only the silencer something near 90€ with the laser markings.

As for the rest of the replica I learned that the best way and precise to make it is with the help of 3D printing technology.
There are no pieces out there compatible with this replica or pieces that even looks close besides the MARUI series.
My first attempt on the Silverballer was exactly on this model. But at the end I drilled so many wholes in it trying to make it compatible with other pieces to resemble a bit those of the Silverballer that I had to trow it away.
If you’re not a maniac in details you can pass on those things and just do the engravings, silencer and try to replicate the medallions on the grip. But there was someone else in here with the same gun having lot’s of trouble to find someone able to engrave on that metal.
You might need to buy a second gun because there needs to be done some testing first in order to find that one right laser to make those incisions perfect.

You can buy a WE magazine with a black base that is identical to the Silverballer.

You might also try to cut off both sights and replace them with something more identical. On my Mark 2 replica I used the LPA rear sight which the Silverballer is inspired from. But for the front you need to search for something you like. Modification to the rear sight is needed at the bottom in order to make it fit in the gun.

I tried that. It does not fit! DON’T BUY NOVA FOR WE PRODUCTS!
Nova makes only things compatible with MARUI. WE is only compatible with WE. What you can do is to find the pieces you need on other WE guns and then contact WE asking for replacing parts. I tried this and it works.
For example WE MEU COLT has the trigger you are looking for. Right? You contact WE assistance support asking them to send you that piece because you broke yours (best excuse). You have to pay for it but better pay 20€ than 131€ for the whole gun just to take away one piece.
Also the MEU Colt has the hammer and the thumb safety you might want. It’s not from the original Silverballer, but is the one used in the current version (Season 1 - Hitman 2).
You need to ask them the silver colored versions if you want to stick with those. In case the Hammer comes only in black I’m sure it’s metal made and under that paint it’s silver. So worth a try to remove the paint with something.

So far I like your good eye. Many just sticks the Pachmair grips (even the wrong color) on it and calls it the Silverballer Replica :roll_eyes:
The MEU Colt has that. So so far you have almost all the pieces you’re looking for.

Boy you have no idea. Some use to print the markings on a transparent paper and then attach them on the gun in the same position. Like I said before, this gun’s material is very bad\strange. You might need another one identical for testing.

You also need to change the screws on the grips.

Well these are my suggestions. If you have something in mind ask me. I’m really happy when I see people trying to replicate the Silverballer :hugs:

Here are my attempts
MARK 1 WE 1911




Wow!! Your Mark 3 version looks incredible! I can’t believe the man himself has come to my aid. :smile:


If Black Print would be able to make the same suppressor, I would definitely contact them. Did they create the design themselves? Or did you have some sort of file with a 3D model of the suppressor that you sent them? Because ideally I would ask them to make the same suppressor you have, but I understand if you wouldn’t want others to copy your design. And does this suppressor have compatible threading with the WE 1911?


I did see the forum post on here where someone found out that laser engraving his WE 1911 left a reddish tint in the engravings. I’m not sure who I will contact for this since I live in Belgium, but I figured, as long as they can engrave deep enough, I can just paint over them with black nail polish or some sort of matte paint. I think that one guy did that and it looked fine to me on pictures.


I didn’t even realize this was something I had to alter as well. Your attention to detail is insane. :joy: I’m trying to recreate the Hitman 2 Silverballer though, and to me it looks like the base pad for the magazine is silver colored:

It doesn’t seem like WE sells any 1911 magazines with a silver base pad. Is the base pad detachable from the magazine itself? I could try to order one of these and maybe spray paint it silver to get the closest possible resemblance.

Trigger, Hammer, Thumb Safety

Thanks for the warning on the Nova TM parts being incompatible, first and foremost.
I will try and contact WE. I assume you can just find their contact information on their official website? I’ll just tell them I need a new trigger and hammer because they got scratched up too much from heavy Airsoft skirmishes. :male_detective:

Mainspring Housing

The MEU Colt has a black Mainspring Housing I believe. I zoomed in on the Silverballer with a sniper rifle in the game and it looks like the Mainspring Housing is also silver colored there. I actually have an idea for this one. I found somebody on YouTube that managed to get the Nova Mainspring Housing for a TM 1911 to fit on his WE 1911 by grinding off 1mm of metal on the bottom part:

Skip to 5:45


I have no idea if I’m even going to alter these. The LPA sights look amazing, but can you just put them on a WE 1911? Do you just weld them on back with a torch or something? I think if something like this is possible, I should wait to do this until the very end.


This is another bridge I will cross when I get there. As I don’t really know who I should contact to get these done or how to even install them once I have them. :sweat_smile:


Silver colored screws are another neat detail that I totally overlooked! Can you order those anywhere? Under what name should I search for these? :thinking:

Thanks for your help! I’m so much more motivated to get this thing done after seeing your reply. Can’t wait to see you finish your Mark 3 Silverballer by the way, that thing looks flawless!

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Tell you what, PM me your address and I’ll send you some parts I don’t need anymore. I’m sure they will make you happy :yum: Not telling you what I will send, it’s a surprise.

:rofl: Copy what ever you want. Tell them I give you their link and show them my Silencer replica. They have an airsoft lab and all the work they do it’s designed by them.
I showed them photos with indications of the size. Then they just made it happen. I’m pretty sure all the threads in arisoft pistols are universal. Any way, if you contact them just give them indications about the thread how big it should be to fit perfect. If not I’m sure they know.

That is really a good idea. Mine was done the same way and it’s a pure Stainless Steel gun.
What engravings do you want to make? The original Silverballer with Hitman logo or this barcode it has now?

Yes it is. You can attempt a replica from different Silverballers. For example you keep most of the parts from Hitman 2 but use the magazine base of Hitman Contracts which is black and it’s engravings.
That part is made out of plastic if you sand it (WE MAG WITH BASE), it only becomes smaller. If you are good in painting you can try. But it will not be the same because you can see it’s metal and it’s pretty shinny.

You can try. Keep in mind Nova products are expensive and there is a reason. But again, this part can be taken off from the MEU Colt.

You need to glue them. First of all on the WE they are build in with the slide. I manage to remove the front sight quite easily by pulling with pliers. Might work the same for the back.
But the Hitman 2 version is different and quite common to find.

I have you covered on those. I believe they are from Marui and don’t fit on WE. Maybe with some modification they will work.
Like I said, I have some leftovers from the WE attempt that I don’t need anymore and I prefer to give them away to someone that is passionate about the Silverballer than to trow them.
But the screws on this version are different. Look up on this site where you can find parts divided by category.

You are welcome. I’m always available to talk about the Silverballer and how to replicate it.
Check these threads I made that could help you. You have the Silverballer from Season 1 compared with the Silverballer from past games piece by piece. I’m known around here as the maniac of the differences between them :crazy_face:


The package arrived and holy moly I can’t believe this!! Thank you so much! :sob::sob:

The package includes: suppressor, screws, medallions and a magazine with base pad.

Seriously, I don’t know how to express my gratitude. This package just crossed so many to-do things off my list, it takes a huge load off my shoulders. :smile:

You said the magazine base was metal right? So I should be able to sand off the black color to get the magazine I need?

This suppressor is the first version you had made too right? Yours was 14,3 cm and this one is definitely longer than that. It’s still an awesome gift and I’ll treasure it forever, maybe even use it for a future Blackballer project. It’s also a good reference point to
get a feel for what my custom made suppressor will feel/look like. :blush:

The guys who made your suppressor got back to me today with a finished design. This is what it’ll look like:

(I’ll post the photo in another reply because of the 1 pic for newcomers rule)

It’s obviously based on the Silverballer suppressor from the new Hitman games, which is the version I’m going for. Can’t wait to see the results!

Also for the medallions, am I supposed to just pry the original medallions out of the grips and glue the new ones in? I’m not sure how to go about that and I’m scared I’ll mess something up :sweat_smile:.

Thanks again badeaguard for this amazing gift. Now all I need to do is order the trigger, hammer and mainspring housing from WE. Then find someone for the engravings and I’m set!

You rock dude! :grin:


Here’s the design they made for my suppressor:

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Bring me joy to see others so happy. You are very welcomed :blush:

That silencer is my first attempt and I let them decide what was the right size for a typical suppressor. But after analyzing better the Blackballer images and taking reference points I saw it should be smaller.
Does it fit on your replica? You might need a standard adapter for that.
Buy this one up here. It’s the exact model you need compatible with that silencer drill. If you prefer it also come in silver colored.
Also this first attempt is heavy, the one they will make is much lighter which is good.

If you look at it, yes. There are some scratches and it seems under is silver.

Told you they were professionals.

Yes and no.
If you look at the original medallions from the grips you have now you will notice they have a screw. You can drill a hole on the back of the medallions I give you or find a way to attach some paper or duct tape to make it thicker on the bottom so it can hold steady inside the grip’s hole. It’s up to you.
Or glue them on the bottom.

This will be the most difficult part. I wish you a big success with this.


You two should make a contract together. Who knows what will come next! Get it? Loving the forum it’s a great place.


This thread soon be like…


Hello fellow hitmen, it’s been a while since I updated so here’s the 411:

Since I have posted here last, I have:

  • Contacted the guys who are making my custom suppressor, they’re working on the definitive model after some corrections were made (luckily) thanks to Badeaguard.

  • I have contacted WE for “spare” parts that I needed from the MEU 1911. They referred me to KYAirsoft which sells a ton of individual parts for WE pistols. I corresponded with them as well and they were very helpful with providing me information on the parts that I needed. I have ordered them now, which were the:

• trigger (with three circle holes)
• skeleton style cocking hammer (which will be dyed black, but it’s easy to sand it off).
• straight mainspring housing (which will be black also, but I think it’s made of plastic, so nothing to do about that unfortunately. It doesn’t bother me too much though).

  • Took the magazine I was gifted by Badeaguard and went to my father for some tips on how to remove the black coating on the magazine base. He took out his tools and started sanding right away. Got off the black coating with ease, then polished it up by using the phosphorous side of a matchbox (the tricks and tips he has up is sleeve are innumerable). So thanks again Badeaguard for providing me with the perfect magazine, it looks amazing on the gun!

I will update more once either my suppressor arrives or my parts arrive from Hong Kong. Both might take a while though, but my project is starting to come to fruition!

Thanks everyone for the support. :smile:


Great job, hope to see it finished!

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Made in steel like the rest of the gun. Only plastic parts are the one inside.

That looks so cool!

Can you share a link for the grips? Your are a lot more brighter than mine and that is the exact color I am looking for.

If the mainspring housing is metal too that’s great news! I can sand it off just the same. :smile:
I also just noticed the beaver tail grip safety on the MEU version is more similar than the one on my 1911, so I ordered that too. It’ll be black as well, but now I know I can just sand all of it off anyway.

The grips I ordered were Pachmayr American Legend Heritage Walnut. I think they should be the exact same yours were, maybe they look brighter on the picture because of the lighting? In any case, I got mine from a Belgian gun store:

They have an outdated website though, so the Heritage Walnut grips don’t show up on in their online catalog. I had to call them and ask them if they had those in stock and they did so they e-mailed me a payment request and then shipped them to me.

I just noticed the screw with which the medallions are locked in place, I noticed I’m gonna need a tiny Allen wrench to unscrew it so I’m gonna go ask the old man if he has one, otherwise go to the hardware store. Not entirely sure what you meant with drilling a hole on the back of the medallions yet. Also I might actually have my own custom set of medallions made because the ones on my version of the Silverballer are white and silver:

Do you still have the contact information of who made those medallions for you?


Nope, I don’t.

But search online for Custom Jewelry 3D designers. Providing the measurements they can help and for something that small I remember I paid 50$. But this only for the 3D files.
The printing of the medallions costed 300€ and this only because in 2015\16 printing something so small was a big thing.

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Hello everybody, hopefully someone see’s this, I’m also very interested in creating a silverballer but would love someone to help me as I’m still clueless😅 would be amazing if someone could drop their Facebook or WhatsApp and we could talk.

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Hopefully I can get in contact with him and thank you!

Hi there, I have a dedicated thread about it from 2 airsoft versions. Take a look and if you have some question post there. I should updated my posts next week.
If you look at the begging of this one instead you will find info step by step on how to replicate the ICA Silverballer from a WE1911 airsoft.


Which 1911 would you recommend to use? Not looking for a super expensive pistol. The we? Was looking at the cybergun but not sure where to pick up a plain slide to get it engraved.

But thank you I shall read through it now!

The WE is perfect till a certain point. I would go with that if you’re searching for a quick and simple way.

My replicas instead are nothing but simple. It took some time to realize certain things and I was also searching for an easy way to make it from a gun that is preferably unmarked till I realized I want to make it from the very best options available.
Currently I’m helping someone from the UK that is doing it on the same arisoft pistol I have and I’m also selling some custom titanium parts to him.