Need help with new black Friday sale

Bought goty edition hitman 1 on PSN last night and in game allowed me to download legacy content as well. Despite everything being installed and showing it being saved to the game
nothing is allowing me access. I already tried renewing the licences. Please help

Download Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack. Launch Hitman 2016 then Redeem GOTY Legacy Pack.

So after downloading the hitman 2 starter pack should I then restart the download of the goty legacy pack?

All you need to do is to install Hitman 2, then you’l have access to the Legacy location dlcs within Hitman 2 since you said that you’ve already been able to redeem the GOTY Legacy Pack.

After installing Hitman 2, once the Legacy dlcs are installed they will show up in Library > Hitman 2 > Your Add-ons.

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Was this only for the hitman 2 game because I do not own that one. I was just confused because it says everything was already included when I bought the the game then I downloaded the legacy thinking I would get it then. I’m not trying to get it on two unless your saying that’s the only way I can play it? Sorry about my confusion.

Hitman 2016 Game Of The Year Edition is it’s own game, you can play all the Hitman 2016 content with Htman 2016.

When Hitman 2 was released, players wvo own Hitman 2016 could redeem Legacy Pack for free. So they could play the Hitman 2016 locations in Hitman 2. And you don’t need to own a purchased version of Hitman 2 to do so.
All you’d need to do is install Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack then redeem the GOTY Legacy Pack.

This tells you all you need to know about Legacy, what it includes, if you’re eligible to redeem it for free and how to redeem it

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Ok trying it right now thank you for your help

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