Need help with the Definitive Edition?

Hi all,

WB Games are the publishers for HITMAN: Definitive Edition and will be handling technical support for that title. If you’re having any issues directly related to that version of the game, please direct your questions to their dedicated support page:

For any other issues, you can continue to post them in this section.


Sir I need help as soon as possible. The last dlc mission Hokkaido says I haven’t purchased it yet but I bought the disc copy of the definitive edition. And I didn’t not receive all the disguises from the 20th anniversary. Please can you fix this because I desperately want to play the Hokkaido mission and the rest that comes with it.

Hokkaido and the Anniversary Suits aren’t on the disc. The is a redemption code inside the case that you need to use to download them for free.

If you brought the game secondhand, you’re out of luck.

Thank you and yes I didn’t purchase the game entirely legal. Exactly 62.59.

Hi. I have purchased the full Hitman, the game of the year edition upgrade and the game of the year edition (intro pack)and have been playing it for a year. I often delete it to make room for other games that I am playing. I recently installed the game again. It is now free on the playstation store but the add ons are now longer available. Does this mean I can no longer play content that I have purchased?

You can play anything you’ve already purchased. You won’t be able to find the individual episodes on the store, but you can either download them through the links found in the in-game store, or by looking for My Add-ons through the PS4 menu.

Hi Travis,
I’m having a bit of an issue. I bought a PS4 used copy of the first season. From there I beat the game and decided to download the upgrade pack for the game of the year edition. I have access to the Patient Zero content but all the other bonus missions are in red under the store tab. When I attempt to select them for download it tells me “there is no content, it might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale” I really want to play these missions. And I paid for the upgrade. What can I do?

If you have a pre-owned copy of the first season on disc, you won’t get access to the Bonus Episode. The episodes are no longer available for individual purchase so there are limited options for you at this point.

It seems like your best bet is to track down an individual code for the Bonus Episode. Other options are written here: Upgrade Paths to GOTY Edition but it doesn’t seem like they’ll fit your situation particularly well.

Hi I bought Hitman the complete first season and it’s been installing the missions on 99% for 2 days . I tried everything , deleted and reinstalled . Renewed ps4 lincense. Reset ps4 and nothing seems to work . I need help with this ASAP please

I own Hitman 2016 on my ps4. I do not own Hitman 2 however. Will I be able to play the remastered missions included with the legacy pack for free or do i need to purchase Hitman 2 first?

I’m 90% sure that you have to purchase Hitman 2.

That’s weird because when I got the prompt to download it it said and i quote " If you do not own Hitman 2, the legacy pack will include the free Hitman 2 prologue." i have downloaded the pack and i have had no prompt to play this other that to purchase Hitman 2.

For me it sounds like that you have an access to play the prologue of Hitman 2, but I could be wrong.

I cant find it on the xbox one x store or xbox one store either

does anyone know how i can reset my game to scratch on ps4

It’s impossible.
For play the fresh copy of the game, you need to buy new.
Or to use something like Family Sharing with new account

Alguien me puede ayudar con Hokkaido?
Ya se descargó pero sigo sin poder jugar el último episodio :worried:

Hi guys, I’m abit confused I have Hitman 1, pre ordered it when it first got released had each episode as it came out. Says I qualified for legacy so I downloaded them all but I dont get the extra escalation for example Marrakesh I have a house on the sand but dont have “the cheveyo calibration” I have bonus missions downloaded. Also have hitman 2 on disc Am I missing something? I never had patient zero on hitman one could that be it? Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, happy fixing! 20190801_223306|375x500

@Liamclarke7 You need the GOTY Upgrade/Patient Zero for that Escalation since it was released as part of the Patient Zero Campaign Content.