New behaviour update with Colorado (significant spoilers within)


OK, so we have a new behaviour in Colorado for NPCs - STALKING.

This is apparent in two different contracts - the Sarajevo six contract, which is considerably harder than the other four combined - and the Mallory Misfortune escalation, from levels three upwards.

In the Sarajevo Six contract, the target and his five bodyguards will be suspicious of you no matter what you are wearing. If they lock eyes on you from a reasonable distance, THEY WILL START WALKING TOWARDS YOU WITH THE SUSPICION METER GROWING.

First time this happened was pretty terrifying. They will pursue you for a short distance or until line of sight is broken. It’s almost impossible to get near to the target without pacifying the pursuers first.

In the Escalation, there is a single stalker, however he is more persistent in chasing you, and much harder to shake off. If you throw a distraction to try and KO an NPC, he will often head to the source of that distraction.

He’s kind of like the Terminator. Just calmly walking towards you, following you wherever you go…

This is a GREAT new addition to the game, and significantly breaks the simple pattern of just learning where the NPCs will walk and setting them up…



Maybe they were thinking that 47 wasn’t enough as the only “ghost” in the game. Sounds interesting.


I don’t know about that but thanks for the reminder I forgot about the Sarajevo Six mission, shows how crap they are haha.

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I think it’s terrible…you don’t even raise the suspicion meter and they follow you everywhere.

Apparently they saw me…haha this is good right?..right?

I tested this three times happens every time.


Yeah but you just stood there. If you run away a fair distance or blend, they return to their pattern.

Thank God they made this S6 mission slightly harder!


this game just keeps getting better and better :joy:


This actually sounds really cool and almost terrifying. I can’t wait to play Colorado!


They did this to me too. I guess it would be easy to lead them into an ambush.

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What in the world? That looks absolutely broken. They just psychically know where you are?


IT seems to me like in most cases its proximity based which is rediculous it’s definitely broken how anyone can say this is good is beyond me sorry.


You’re just having the worse time playing this :joy:. The Xray vision and Lockdown glitch still happens I know.

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Not at all mate I am loving it now I have the hang of it this was just about the new AI on the Sarajevo Six mission its broken.

Still haven’t done watch your six though haha.

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Oh man… I’d better figure this AI out before they introduce an Elusive Target who is a stalker.


I pray to god they never use this bullshit AI ever again please lord have mercy on my soul.


Its hard enough sometimes with all the random head turning etc without that.

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What in God’s name was that?! :open_mouth:
Are the NPCs zeroing in on 47 out of nowhere, or was this their predefined path and they happened upon him?

Could one of you provide more detail with examples on the “stalking” update, please?
There goes the SA/SO/No HUD attempt! :smile:


Haven’t played that particular mission yet but if you go back and watch his video you can see the exact moment that the target “sent” the guards to go investigate. The target hangs back and the rest still walk to 47.

at the 0:30 mark. You can see the target slightly turn as if saying “Go check that out”

I think the mission is bugged.

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hum weird that there created this mechanism yet didn’t put it in the main mission…
only 1/3 of people have the s6 mission, and many don’t bother with escalations. Seems like a waste if this is a good mechanism.


I see it… So, the target is the “stalker” in this mission then?

It’s strange, (and fortunate?) that this is only being applied to escalation missions. :slight_smile:


It’s not bugged or broken, it’s proximity based. In the video shown, Mr. Reiper started within proximity of the target so the guards came towards him immediately. It had to do with his start point. If he had started at another point in the map, they wouldn’t have walked towards him until he started getting close to them. And, by the way, he could have easily shaken them off by using the ‘blend’ spot right where he was standing.

As for seeing through walls, yes. I suppose they have a sort of ‘instinct’ enabled if you get too close. They clearly know every NPC on the map and recognize an unfamiliar face if it gets too close. But did you even listen to Diana’s briefing before the mission? “They expect an assassination attempt is imminent and are on an EXTREME level of high alert.” [paraphrasing]

Why wouldn’t you want the game to be hard? This is supposed to be the fifth level of a six level story.

I would point out that this was EXACTLY something that we were asking for and suggesting in this thread I started:

Look for the section on hunting.

I, for one, think this is a brilliant addition and totally necessary as the levels are supposed to be getting tougher. As part of that, the AI should be getting smarter and more creative. Remember those three bosses on the final Absolution level that were constantly looking over their shoulders?

I spent several hours on this new escalation. And I still haven’t satisfactorily SA’d the Sara6 mission (outside of a cheap fire extinguisher kill). Are people really complaining that this S6 mission doesn’t just take a few minutes to complete? Isn’t this exactly the kind of content we’ve been asking - nay, begging for??