New behaviour update with Colorado (significant spoilers within)

@JetBlackIris, thanks for the explanation!

Except for this part being unrealistic, I agree that the game being made harder is a good move. But, tell me, is this change applicable only for escalation mode?

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I still say the AI is bugged but they will never admit it haha.


Yeah I see what dude is saying but the sight distance is too long and they follow like dogs.

I mean to be frank I can be so far away I can hardly tell the mercenary target is black but his guards can see I’m fishy.

The concept is fine it’s just works from too far away and they follow you for too long and over too much distance. I shouldn’t be able to lead them around the camp.

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Did you do your marching video yet? make sure you add some kind of music haha.

This guy is fuckin creepy! He seems to detect any illegal action within a radius of him. I knocked a guy out in the cabin he walks alongside and that was enough to get his attention.

Scared the shit out of me too, walking so calmly towards me, reminds me of the butler in the old Tomb Raiders.

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Gotta wait till the weekend when I can really sink my teeth into the map.

Thinking Yankee Doodle dandy.

Cool, didnt know that. I like this kind of stuff. A bit like Hitman vs Hitman.
Perhaps that hitman in Colorado’s ending will go after you in Japan? Hunt him down before he hunts you? That would be fantastic.

I played this Sarajevo Six mission 3 times, and the only time he sent his men after me right off the bat was when I started as a militia soldier in the garden, because I started in close proximity to the target.

They do not walk towards you automatically if you’re far enough away. They only stalk you if you get too close.

Also, I tested it: If you’re up high they don’t spot you (unless you are caught attacking someone). I stayed up in the barn for a long time and watched them perform their entire patrol routine several times before popping the target’s head with a pistol from above. Even after that, his guards didn’t spot me or stalk me.


Maybe IO-I is testing out the new npc behaviour on us who plays Hitman on PS4?
Someone here said for a while ago, they wanted a elusive target who chase you, so maybe that comment gave them this idea?

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I just remembered something that helps explain this guy’s paranoia.

Do you guys remember the phone call the last member of the Sarajevo Six made to the target in Bangkok? He basically told him they were being killed off one by one and to prepare for when (47) was coming for him. He even said something like he knew he was going to die.


It does feel broken. And yes, they do. Regardless of whether or not they can see you. And if you try to use obstacles to evade them then they split up. It’s really awful.

They return to their pattern until you get close again, then they start stalking you again, regardless of the line of sight. At least, that’s what’s happening to me. Exactly like in @Mr.Reaper video.

Can you post a video showing how you managed to subdue all 4 of them without being spotted? Because every time I tried to hide behind something and pacify even one of them, the others would split up and flank me. I will make a video of my experiences later too.


Coming to Hitman mechanics soon

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I was able to peel them off one by one. You gotta just play with them a bit. Let them see you and follow you a bit and then they stop by themselves and turn back.
follow a few paces behind them trigger the proximity glitch and let them follow you some more.

Eventually one or two, sometimes even the target himself will follow you alone.

that’s how I did it.


I’m curious if there are any opportunities to kill the target without taking out the psychic guards first. If not, that seems like a terribly limiting contract. I’d feel like I wasn’t even playing Hitman anymore, honestly.

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Well, like @jcdenton said, you can pop him in the top of the skull. But as far as SA opportunities goes, the only ‘opportunity’ I found (and I use that term very lightly) in the hour I endured it last night was to throw a duck (I know, right?) at one of the SUV’s. And even that never ended well for me. Either he didn’t die or his stalkers were so close to him that I got an unwanted casualty.

I’ll try to put some more time into tonight and see if I can get to grips with it but it was infuriating last night.

I also tried to do the new escalation and ended up giving up on that too. I was trying to lure him so I could KO him but every time I went somewhere where I would have been able to KO him unspotted, he wasn’t interested in me and started walking away. As soon as you pop out of cover again, he comes back. (Like, see-saw style. You can pop in and out of cover and watch him do 180’s)

It’s quite possibly the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever experienced in my life.


I think (some) are complaining too much. I had him hunt me all over the map and he never got me. I broke their pursuit just by starting up the ladder. The only issue with the mission is how to get SA and how to get him to the hay bale spot.

I love it! I think it’s a great new addition that makes me feel that same intense feeling I had when I played Hitman 2 for the first time. Besides, given how wonky some of the past updates made things, I think this is a huge leap in the right direction! It gives me hope for what can be done to the game between now and Japan :slight_smile:

It’s in the escalation and also in the new Sarajevo Six mission.

Why is it unrealistic for NPCs to see through walls but okay for 47 to have that power?


Um, you have the option to turn it off for 47, but not one to turn it off for NPCs?
Dunno how else to answer this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got an idea :slight_smile:

I’m going to place a breaching charge on the winch, and then abuse this dumb AI, and make him follow me underneath it, then blow the breacher.

Or maybe that’s not abusing it. Maybe that’s the idea…

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