New behaviour update with Colorado (significant spoilers within)

Very smart idea. Go for it and share the vid if you get it.

Will do :slight_smile:

I disagree the AI is broken and if it isn’t then they are morons to think auto lock NPCs was a good idea. Just because the mission isn’t impossible doesn’t mean it is any good its awful and not worth even playing once never mind repeatedly. It is yet another Sarajevo contract that has had minimal effort and thought put in just so they can say they exist.

@JDMHatch_G where is the winch for the haybale? didn’t realize there was one haha.

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Upstairs from Parvati’s training room, in the hayloft. There is also a branding iron there.

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Oh yeah now you mention it i remember using it :grin: and yeah I knocked a few guys out with it already :yum: thanks for your help.

@Mr.Reaper You having any luck mate?

Should have seen this coming, by it feels like this plan has been programmed not to work. I literally can’t get him underneath it. The game just crashed so i’ve given up now. Maybe i’ll start it up again after i’ve made a doob.

I’ll stream if I do too if anyone wants to join. I’ve made about 6 10 mins videos but I don’t think I can be bothered to edit it all. So Twitch may help me.

Haha I’m not doing that crappy mission i was just curious as to where the winch was that’s all :grin:.

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I don’t blame you. Like you said, auto-lock NPC’s are an abysmal idea.

When I first saw “someone is hunting you” on the escalation I was like “that’s sick” but in reality, it doesn’t work.

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There is potential there for a new AI mode don’t get me wrong but they should change it so once you get the suspicion meter to a certain point they start walking towards you or something.

Yes, that would be better. I just can’t deal with the psychic malarky.

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I really hope IO don’t trash this idea. If it never makes it into a main mission I completely understand but I hope that there’s more Escalations like this to come.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that really enjoyed this Escalation.

OK cry-babies, here it is for you:

This walkthrough shows how to take out the stalkers on the S6 contract with minimal effort - all four of them - leaving you free to take out The Mercenary at your leisure. Blurb from my YouTube:

"Silent Assassin walkthrough for the toughest Sarajevo Six contract so far, The Mercenary.

"There are quick, cheap ways to get SA on this level, using the hay bale for an accident or a fire extinguisher kill, but several people have asked for help in shaking the four ‘stalker’ bodyguards the target has, so the purpose of this video is to show you how to do that. In the first 5 mins, which are cut off, I basically knocked out the two guys in the room with the sink and the guy who is working on making the van bulletproof in the courtyard. These guys often get in the way and spot you when you’re trying to take out the target’s bodyguards.

"You need to use a combination of placed bombs and blending to lure the bodyguards out of their routine. Once all four are down, it’s just a case of luring the target somewhere quiet to finish him off.

“As a bonus, this video also shows you where to get the keys for the quad bike exit!”

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I don’t think pointing out that the AI is broken and shouldn’t be able to auto lock onto you therefore making it a crappy mission makes people cry babies but ok.


20 minutes


Broken implies that it’s not working as intended, and as far we know the stalkers are working fine.

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If fine is having auto lock and X-Ray vision then sure it’s working fine go tell IOI to pat themselves on the back.

I’ll be sure to let them know next time I see them. Maybe I’ll even throw in some constructive feedback while I’m there. Who knows? Maybe they’ll use it to tweak the stalker AI rather than toss away the idea because I think the mission is crappy.

Maybe you should or you could look at my other posts and use mine :wink:.

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I tried to add it to my other post but it messed up so I will double post oops.

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There you go again equating time with effort. Quickly and easily don’t mean the same thing.