New behaviour update with Colorado (significant spoilers within)


This seems to be a pretty polarising addition, and while it certainly is interesting I simply don’t find it fun. Having a go at the Mallory Escalation and I’m constantly being thwarted because one of the guys in the map ALWAYS knows where I am and can see me through walls - he constantly scuppers my assassinations by getting in the way. On top of that he has completely broken one of my playthroughs; the generator near the technician working on the van keeps attracting him even when he is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP and not guy who is right next to it. So I had to restart it on account of this problem. So yeah, interesting but not at all fun…frustrating!


I couldnt find the stalker initially, the guy did follow me but I thought he was a normal guard and didnt realise it was him. He stopped following when I turned around a corner.

Finally found him again after half an hour running around the whole map, but I easily got away from him again.
I was expecting him to hunt me down like T1000 but its nothing really, you just need to hide or go around a corner.

However I wasnt going for SA or anything, I would imaging he would be annoying if you were trying not to get spotted.


I haven’t played the escalation so I cant comment on that but the stalkers on the Sarajevo Six contract follow you everywhere regardless of seeing you it seems based on distance rather than vision.


Really, there were stalkers in Sarajevo Six contract?
Dont know how I missed that. Going to have to play it again I guess.


You played it and didn’t notice? :confounded:.


Yep had no idea lol.
Guess I’m going to have to replay that mission…


Luckily the Stalkers still reacts to guns on the floor. Just drop a one, lure they guy to it and he’ll be out of your hair for a while. The emetic poison syringe can also buy you some time, but it seems like you have to use it when he’s picking up something on the ground. Every other time I tried it he immediately turned around and my cover was blown.


Probably due to it being distance based rather than vision so they automatically know you are there unless you disrupt their AI by having them pick something up.


The Stalker is The Shadow Client!