New Blog Post: New Escalations, news on Elusive Targets and the Vampire Magician Challenge Pack


Shame the Elusive Targets are delayed. Kudos for the new escalation contracts, always welcome and fun.
Now, I seriously hope the “always connected” requierement for challenges and unlocks is put to sleep in the metioned patch. Its a stupid decision. And that’s coming from an open minded Hitman fan. But it messes with the game. Its just not something for the Hitman series.

IO, don’t let us down.

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Why it’s shame? They also working on patch and new content. IO is not Ubisoft, there is no much people.

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cant say i enjoy the escalations too much, was hoping for some elusives.
Was going to ask about some news on the offline fixes, but you know…


. . . yay

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I knew elusives would be delayed. “In the coming weeks”. They’ve used that phrase before and in reality it was “months”…ugh


It won’t be months, I assure you. We want that update out ASAP because it will improve load times and connection stability, along with other general improvements - including the Requiem items that have gone missing for some players.

We’re also working on a (separate) major update for April, which we hope will put an end to any connection issues. All of that is in the pipeline before Sapienza. There will of course be weekly Escalations as promised and we’ll be refreshing the Featured Contracts as well after Easter too. Basically, we’re not going to stop until there’s a smooth experience for everyone. The next big talking point from us will be the Sapienza release date, which you’ll have next week after the Easter break.


The new escalations were pretty disappointing.

[spoiler]Osterman Mosaic was laughably easy and the only change I had to do to my plan was throwing a coin to get the chef out of the kitchen and close to a container. Killing a lonely guard with a weapon that’s right next to him and hiding his body in a box that’s right next to him was hardly a challenge, and the tripmines only meant that I had to go around a shelf from the right instead of the left. By far the weakest escalation so far.

Gemini Fiasco was a bit better but having to start by killing Helmut meant having to wait through the photo shoot every time which got tedious. The biggest problem was the final level and having to use poison for the kill, which means that either you go through the long opportunity to get the cyanide, or you deal with what I think is the most useless item in the game, the lethal syringe. It can’t be used on drinks, it makes more noise than fiber wire, it can’t be (understandably) thrown at people, it can’t be used from the front, it can’t be used on unconscious bodies. What’s the point of it? This is the first escalation where I couldn’t even be bothered to go for SA because of the syringe.[/spoiler]


Please let this be what I think it is.


Ikr. This is now the update I’m anticipating more than anything now.

I can feel the desperate frustration to spill all the beans in this post, haha!

Sounds good though!

You can make him get the call earlier by throwing a coin or item. After picking it up, Dalia will call him right away.

Uhh…spoilers dude?

Seriously people…spoilers.

Would appreciate you two going back and editing your post to delete the spoiler content on behalf of the rest of the community. Thanks

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[quote=“JaqTaar, post:40, topic:5494”]

You can make him get the call earlier by throwing a coin or item. After picking it up, Dalia will call him right away.

[/quote]I assumed he’d just return to it as most NPCs do, good to know. Still, he’s not exactly an interesting opening target.

Sure, but editing can also be used to add new things to an existing post instead of triple posting. I recommend it.

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My bad. I apologize. And thank you for the quick reaction time. Peace


Well my connection issues have been increased from zero drops, to two drops in 10 minutes after this new content was added. Got back after a hard day and can’t play these new missions at all.

Let’s hope @HHCHunter because that would be damn swell. Please Lord, make this be an offline mode and not a big server upgrade or something. Amen.

Edit: Loading time improvements? Praise the sun!

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not an expert but maybe set your NAT to open, had to do it for the last COD game I played :blush: couldnt connect at all despite every other game working flawlessly

yes they were disappointing. I really think IOI should somehow move the camera recording device in basement, or make it tougher to get to. You can just go straight to it and shoot it, without a guard even noticing, knocks out all cameras too easily. Or have the guard repair it? Another device somewhere else in palace?


They could put a box on every floor. There’s a guy on the second floor who constantly checks a laptop; they could stick one on his desk. The attic would be a good place for the third one, as it’s plagued with suits.

@Jim_Jim My NAT is fine. It’s their servers buddy. Look up, they are releasing another patch for it soon.

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