New contract objective: retrieve item

From the bank in new York… it would be nice if we could require to complete the contract to recover some specific object. The first that comes to mind is to steal everything from the vault.

Another example, assassinate some random guy in sapienza’s mansion and retrive de santis’ dna (the one in the safe), tho this isnt an item but intel.

i can already see millions of contracts requesting to bring 5 screwdrivers and 20 wrenches… so maybe there should be some kind of protection about that… or just put a whitelist/blacklist of items that can/cannot be used for this.


Seems people won’t be happy about this suggestion.
I say nope

I am always for more options for contract mode. Can imagine some nice contracts where, if no good target, at least an item makes you go that place.

I mean sure it puts another digit to the number of trash contracts but that is more an issue with creators than the mode I guess?


How much worse can contracts already get? I would rather play a contract with ‘fetch the item’ than ‘hide all bodies’ or ‘don’t use bullet distractions’ so… yeah.


Maybe it can be limited to intel and unique items? For example, retrieving the Cronkite report or something expensive from the vaults in the bank can make sense within a contract. If it allows for all items to be an objective there’s definitely going to be contracts like Hazeman 47: collect all cannabis joints in a Santa suit or something like that.


Still better than the contracts with all the dumb complications


I would love this personally! I think recovering an object can be a fun objective and some really intresting contracts could be built around it.


You know, in some sense I would call this ‘find some nothing’ thing another dumb complication

Far better than autofails and perfect shooter etc bullshit

i want ‘retrieve Item’ and ‘hack Laptop/Computer’ as Objectives.


I’d be in favour of this. For all those who hate the idea, maybe IO could have it filterable, so you don’t see any contracts with a retrieval in your list?

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If possible, I think it would be better if the players could assign some objects like dongle to the targets or NPCs for retrieving as part of the contract maker.

In addition to that:

  • open safe
  • place GPS transmitter
  • free a prisoner/prostitute (optional escort)
  • blow up a drug lab
  • sink a submarine

It worked before and it will again.


honestly, i like this and we could go all the way, just letting us spawning a target and make a routine