New Elusive Target: THE DISRUPTOR (27 June - 29 July 2024)

I hope that isnt one of these IOI’s “BIG ONES” joke. Proably it will be “Gary Busey”, but I’m intrigued!


An Octagon… so someone from whatever that sport is called… UFC?

That’s pretty damn cool tho! I guess that would fill in one of the major gaps in May-June on the roadmap!


I was expecting nothing beyond what’s in the roadmap happening until it runs its course, so this is certainly a neat surprise. Now the main question is whether this new target will be one time like the Drop (for now) or is there a plan to bring them back in the near future. Maybe after the Undying Pack IOI will be working more with the format of releasing an ET for everyone and selling permanent ETA access for people craving it alongside some cosmetics to pad it out.


My take on this is that if they’re planning on releasing a new Elusive Target, that puts a kibosh on any possibility of making elusive targets permanently playable at least until after the new one runs its course (if that is even in the plan at all, of course).


Pretty sure that was going to be the plan if it ever was one. Aside from making all content available offline, making ETs permanent will probably be the last thing if it ever happens.

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I’m pretty sure it won’t be a The Drop, because he was announced not long time ago. Probably they relase another DLC pack themathicly connected with new Elusive Target, but at this point they analyse how big response and interest will be.

If comes to me I was always a loyal fan and I’ll buy it anything they drop even if thay won’t be worth it. Just to support this great project.


So, where exactly was this found anyway? I don’t see anything on Twitter or IOI’s site, but I’m admittedly terrible at site navigation. Is there a link?

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Official Hitman facebook page (20 characters of execitement)


For sure it will be some UFC or MMA celebrity


Where the heck could this target show up? Ambrose Island? Chongqing? Colorado? Berlin? I can’t really think of any other places that would be even mildly appropriate for a fighter target. And didn’t we already get this kind of thing with the Rage?

Also, spring 2024? Unless that’s supposed to show up between the Undying and the Serial Killer, there’s no room for a surprise target between now and summer.


I really hope for a new york et, that map is deserving for an ET and I really want to see it come to life.


My Prediction:
Roadmap Title: Season of The _______
Release Date: June 7 (lasts a month)
Unlock for playing: The ET’s outfit as a suit.
Accompanying Twitch Drop: Purple Streak Briefcase
Map: Ambrose Island

If it’s a gritty MMA themed ET, Dubai/Dartmoor/Mendoza are too high-class, Berlin already has a Celebrity ET, and Chongqing already has a fighter ET in The Rage. Would love if it actually was on a Hitman 2 location though.

Honestly shocked that they’re doing a second celebrity ET in Hitman 3, even more shocked than getting The Drop last year.


Vote for your ideas. My bet is on Mumbai or Ambrose Island.

  • Dubai
  • Dartmoore
  • Berlin
  • Chongquing
  • Mendoza
  • Abrose Island
  • Miami
  • Santa Fortuna
  • Mumbai
  • Whitteon Creek
  • Isle of Sgail
  • New York
  • Heaven Island
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If I had to pick, I’d want an ET at Haven.


Oh my, seems that IO still has some cards up their sleeves. My only hope is that whoever this target is comes back permanently at some point, preferably without mandatory insta fail complications :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I’m betting on Ambrose, the whole slap contest area could be reworked into a ring.


Intriguing. Eager to know more about it and hopefully isn’t just Gary Busey coming back.

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If the target is some sort of fighter and turns out to be an Ambrose ET that means one thing.

Slap contest.


At this point, if they ever did magically get Busey back - let’s say he’s acquitted and everybody moves on - then with this new one, IOI could give us one more 5-tier contract in Arcade mode, with the Undying, the Wild Card, the Drop, this new one, and then the Undying Returns. I can dream.


Ambrose Island (i’ve made a mistake in word in poll, my bad) is mostly obvious since it’s a free H3 map. I bet a underground ring will be set in this cave!