New Elusive Target: THE DISRUPTOR (27 June - 29 July 2024)

Makes sense. Guess it’s highlighted in Instinct just to draw your attention then.

Not the most original approach, but at least I found a use for sedative poison. Escape was messy as always, because I didn’t realize there was an escape point right on the ring, but on the other hand I didn’t leave my rare fancy coat on site. Also, shame I haven’t recorded that cutscene, didn’t know about it.


Now he doesn’t look like Galen Vholes! Impressive work!


I’m more of the belief they just screwed up and chose a name they hadn’t done much with. It doesn’t make sense for it to be within H2’s post-Sgail events (the games’ events take place pretty much one after the other and the cutscenes reinforce that pretty well).

Also, note Diana’s dialogue in her voicelines and briefing; They “Hired us”, not “Hired the ICA”. If you let Quinn die (which can take a while), she says she’ll have to personally deal with the client, something she never says otherwise.

This could actually be solved fairly easily, just redo the dialogue for Diana about him being the CEO, and just change it to him being the former CEO. Nothing else would need to change in the mission, as everything else would fall into place after that. Pretty quick fix =)


Does this happen if Quinn dies in the ring? I just tried killing him myself and her reaction was just that it´s unfortunate and that she´ll sort out the mess.

The quote goethe thusly:

“This is unfortunate 47, you were meant to protect Quinn”. Our client won’t be happy. Finish the mission…and I’ll fix this mess".

I dunno about you, but that doesn’t sound like any of the other ICA-affiliated missions to me. Usually Diana refers to the client as exactly that; the client, not our client, especially in the tone given if you actually hear the voice line where she’s bordering on annoyed.



I mean the Face is still the same, so I tried to hide it as good as possible while still trying to make his Sgail Transformation work, which is why I ultimately decided against giving him a beard, because it makes sense for him to cut his hair short when going into fighting, however there would be no reason for him to shave for that too.


Did another flying propane


It has to be set after. By the time 47 went to the Isle of Sgail the first time, he and Diana had already done their final mission for ICA (Akka’s contract). Aside from going back to Sgail between Haven and Dubai, which does not logically work in any capacity, there’s no way it could be an ICA contract. The question isn’t when it takes place, the question is its canonicity.

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I was asking merely out of curiosity with regard to the tone of her voice. Given how many people here have mentioned/implied that she gets very annoyed and voices her disappointment over 47, it honestly sounded pretty detached to me, so I was wondering if there was another line of dialogue under different circumstances. Guess I´ll have to give it another listen.

Leave Johann out of this!

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Took a three attempts but managed to finally be the arcade version. First time I got spotted on camera on part two so lost instantly second time I died after a stick drift kept me from taking out a guard I got into a shootout with in part one. My solution was to blow up the two guards next to the security footage (erasing it in the process) with a Molotov, waited til things calm down and both bodies dragged away, shutoff the power outside, waited for Tim Quinn to arrive then go outside to turn power back on which caused his bodyguard to take a smoke break, made sure Tim Quinn got the Napoleon Blownaparte, went into the cellar, eliminated the lone girl (with the collector’s coin) with a screwdriver, waited for the fight to resume using instinct to know when it did, and finally set off the Napoleon Blownaparte. Technically I could’ve done this by hanging out near the fight but that would’ve resulted in multiple super enforcers hence why I choose the cellar since it was close enough to monitor the fight through instinct. Obviously I failed the optional objective but I didn’t care - I just wanted to clear out that challenge.


I finally got around to playing this ET and arcade mode last night and my game would crash every time I tried to put on Tim’s outfit. I beat it a different way, but still annoying I can’t see how that story plays out.

I’m on PC does anyone else have this problem?

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I took… SO LONG on this last night…

All for a cool, isolated SA heavyweight kill, but man… the setup to getting his two guards out of the picture (and needing the Architect disguise for that one in-between of the chapel and bar area normal guards aren’t allowed in) took many tries and many unfortunate near-failures.

Oh, and a lot of exploring and figuring out what all the opportunities are. But I’ll do that in the Arcade.

Stay tuned until the end for a few clips of failures… that damn WINDOW the “trainer” is at, works to KO 90% of the time! But the other 10 percent, somehow someone just barely spots him!)


When I first played it, I instantly thought the mission was set post Hitman III, especially with Diana opening the mission by saying “Welcome back to the Isle of Sgail 47”, indicating some time has passed since he last visited. Plus, Tim Quinn is obviously present in the mission as a fighter, when his last appearance was on Mendoza before the ICA/Providence collapse.


I decided to go for a SASO no-loadout no-KO run for the ET. Came up with something pretty easy but with a fair bit of waiting.

  1. At the start, climb the pipe to the right of the main gate. Get the pistol from the guard room and the propane flask. Toss it down and follow it.
  2. Head up to the fight area. Climb the pipe at the back of the platform where the phoenix statue was. Toss the propane flask to land in between the two pyrotechnic boxes at the top of the stairs down to the ring.
  3. Go to the crypt area, get the rifle there, then return to the pipe and settle in for a longish wait.
  4. Eventually the round will end and the MC will come to hang out. As soon as he heads back down to the ring, quickly climb up and drop both guns in the passage to the chapel area, then get back down the pipe before the target comes out.
  5. The target’s two guards should take the guns away through the chapel, so they don’t get killed or KOed when the pyrotechnics ignite the propane to kill the target.

I think tho his target name was his real name which is one of the closest we’ve got. The Serial Killer by all rights shouldve been called The Censor in both ET name and target name, but while The Serial Killer is his official ET name his target name used to be The Censor and i think it was changed to his real name. Just like how Mr. Giggles became Philip Giggles


I did the typical strategy of going against him in the ring. This time I decided to make a different type of video on it.


Neat little detail I’ve noticed: In the regular Ark Society mission, you can find Jason Portman bothering some Raiders trying to get into the Architects area even though he’s only a Member.

In this ET, he’s now standing by the cage watching the fight, because the first time Tim Quinn was mentioned by name*, it was in relation to Jason Portman being his friend.

(In Hokkaido, during the “I found out who our invisible man is” conversation. The security guy says that Portman sold his startup to Quantum Leap, and the resort staff member says that he “plays golf with Tim Quinn himself” every week)

Very neat continuity! Even if Tim Quinn even being here at all is a bit of a continuity error :smile:

*Tim Quinn did appear on the bunker wall previously in Colorado, but I don’t think he was named yet aside from internal file names.