New features that we need

One thing that would be cool is if an indicator was added to show if 47 is in a well lit area or hidden in dark areas and the option to turn that feature on on or off in the settings menu so that we can have the power of choice weather we use that feature or not but i think alot of people including myself would use the feature if that was added it be very helpful and would be a cool feature

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An indicator that tells you if you’re in a lighter or darker area is pointless since there is no change in gameplay or change in the way an npc can see you whether you are in a ligher or darker area.

So firstly you would need to add the feature of how npcs sees you when you’re in a bright place and when you’re in a dark place where it takes longer to spot you, because there is no difference between the two as of now.


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I don’t think it’s a good idea. The whole idea of ‘Hitman’ is hiding in plain sight and I can’t imagine how much extra work this would take. This is a feature more suited to ‘Splinter Cell’ than ‘Hitman’.


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Problem with this is there are a lot of dark areas in both games and this would make a lot of stealth in these places unnecessary. Also there might be an issue where the player could easily hide bodies if that became a feature

You know what’s weird? Even if there is no mechanic that ties your visibility to lighting, all of the necessary UI stuff kind of is in the game already. If IOI ever decides to make it a thing, they can just use the same elements they use for vegetation concealment.


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