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Hello eveyone,

I had a few features in my mind for the Hitman series.


Lock/unlock doors

I know it’s silly but this simple strategy would allow a lot of different approach to levels. Trying to isolate target or deny reinforcement, funnel the exits etc.

Now for balancing, we could think of “locking a watch door been considered as suspicious actions” or a few changes in this way.


Most of them are part of plots or very circumstantial, but having a few lines that 47 could say to a guard/people would be awesome! Even starting with the basic ones, the normal people use “Hey, I saw a dangerous weapon over there!” or “There is a man down in this room”.

Dynamic blending in

Might be a personal opinion but I just love blending in. For me it is kind of the top goal for a disguise master. But too bad that there is so few of them :frowning: a dynamic blending-in would be so cool ! I noticed 47 sometimes does it while a guard (listening to earphones, adopting guard posture) but why not having it for a feature?

In terms of game balance we could require an item to perform it (a broom for cleaning crew, a gold club for golfer, a shovel for gardener etc.) [that would make item more usefull that only throwing it at people face, but I admit, it’s kind of fun] or allow enforcers to see through when close…

Circumstantial suspicion

I know it is much easier to consider walking as “ok” and running as “suspicious” but there could be some situation where the opposite could be done e.g. fire alarm, explosion, base alert… The guy calmly walking out the place that just exploded or from the room this guy was murdered is probably guilty… Same with holstered/unholstered gun. Guard around saying “get ready, something is going on”, could start getting suspicious to you if you’re just hanging there, walking around.

Weapon modification

I know… but I miss so much the final look of fully tuned Silverballer at the end of blood money… Maybe starting with the few duplicated guns/rifles that exist in the inventory and migrating more and more weapons into the alternative versions?

Question/Comments are welcome, and thanks IOI for delivering amazing games!

Locking/Unlocking doors would prove to be a challenge due to how the AI is handled. This was confirmed during the release of the prison.

There are already multiple similar threads:

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I understand that but I guess that a “simple” way of solving this issue would be to allow most of NPC’s be able to unlock doors (intially), then refining the system to define which one can open doors or not.
In the end converging to a system where AI actually go fetch for a key to open the door (of course if you steal it they won’t) then why not having them escalading till banging the door.
But I perfectly understand that this is a technical challenge ^^