New gear for Agent 47

I’ve had an idea for a couple of new gear concepts for Hitman and I just wanted to share and see if you guys had any other ideas for new gear and such.

Tool Box - Acts like a briefcase which can only store small objects when it’s empty and when you bring it into a map it has a wrench, screwdriver, and hammer inside it.
Where? - It could be earned by doing all accident kills on a specific map or maybe it’s just for an escalation.
Why? - This may be a personal problem but if I want to kill a target in an accident kill, say electrocution, I would have to run to an area that has a wrench which might be in another part of the map or just tedious to get. It may not be the best reason but it could make a nice addition.


Wouldn’t the Tool Box be overpowered though? You’d be able to bring 3 non-lethal melee weapons with you in the space of 1 inventory slot, as well as the suitcase, and the 3 items can all be used in accidents. If that existed, I would practically always bring it with me to be honest.

I think you might have the crux of an idea though. The notion of a suitcase that is only capable of carrying small objects but can hold multiple small objects could work as a decent trade off.

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Although that would be useful, I thought it was the point to go around the map to find some useful.

Opens up the door for other boxes that hold more than one thing. I’m not for this. We all think it’s insane that 47 can’t keep a fibre wire, a lockpick, AND a coin in his pocket. Yet the game must be balanced, so we tolerate it bc it’s a game and it’s challenging and fun, not super easy and lame.

Sounds like the system in RE2 (not sure about the other games). Find a Hip Pouch and it holds a certain number of items. Larger objects take up more slots. So, a sniper rifle would take up all slots. But, alternatively, you could also stow some number of smaller items (wrench, fiber-wire, coins).

If the way it is now makes sense, then someone check if you can put 1 coin in a suitcase. Can you put more than one? Or would it only store as many of the same items? :thinking:

As for navigating and retrieving… You could select the briefcase in your inventory, press some other key to enter that inventory. But maybe have whichever item selectable via the indicated button or key, instead of moving over to whichever item.

I’m thinking a maximum of 3 items. For example (and using an XB controller layout):

  • Janbiya (Y)
  • Wrench (X)
  • Lethal Poison Vial (A)

And (B) would cancel and return you back to the game (or maybe take you out of the briefcase inventory).

If there are 2 items:

  • Wrench (X)
  • Lethal Poinson Vial (A)

1 item:

  • Lethal Poison Vial (A)

Then again, that could make for some confusion. Like if you want to select the briefcase itself in order to throw it or use it as a melee item.

@Tetrafish_21 had a great idea for the briefcase system but what if that was carried over to the inventory system as a whole.

Imagine you have 5 inventory points( not called this obviously just a placeholder) and you can use these points as you wish, bigger items cost more, smaller cost less

For example:
Pistol - 2 points
Poisons- 1 point
Lockpick/tools- 2 points each
Briefcase- 3 points
Sword/large melee weapon- 3 points

You get the idea

If done right, I think it could work

We basically have that now with the slots. The only difference is with a blanket points system we would be able to leave a pistol behind and bring extra poison.