New hitman online mode

ioi team i love your game so i am sharing about a online mode which make hitman online more interesting,

mode :- this mode contain a regular hitman map with ton of npcs and guard npcs and 10 players

1.there is no target players have to kill each other which gave them +1 on scoreboard.

2.players spawn in different look like npcs and different clothes.

3.players at start given 1 pistol with only 2 bullets on it bullets are not expand from 2, and when you kill other player you can took their pistol, if you stole guards weapon its also give you only 2 bullets.

4.players will die one bullet on head and one bullet or 2 bullet on body by other players but guards it take more.

  1. when players take their pistol out there is a 3 sec gap before anyone notices it in this time player can kill other players in crowd and nobody notices it but if players kill the non player npcs it will alert the guards and surrounded area.

6.most imp*** players have given 2 minute blend time when players turn on this option their character become autonomous and behave like npcs so other players can’t notice real player after this time 3 minute non blend time and after this 1.5 minute blend time and after 4 minute non blend and so goes on

7.**imp when players kill a npc it will give them -2 points so players avoid mistake and if players killed by guards it will give them -1 points and killing other players give them +1 points

8.players if they want to change clothes they have to sedate the npcs do not kill them for this they given a air gun with only 3 darts in it {because faster gameplay req}.

  1. players will respawn in different npc outfit after death.

  2. voice chat option.

11.optional team mode 4 players team with voice chat {increase fun} x 4 teams= 16 players.

  1. regions score board like north america with rankings and top 3 players photos will shown in map banners in online map for all time.

  2. if players top in previous game his/her photo also shown in a banner in next game which he/she enter.

Man, just go play Counter-Strike.
I didn’t even read further


Seriously, Ghost mode is more interesting than this…

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sales are going down there will be no hitman 4 if they did not change their statergy thats all

You work at IOI sales department to make such a statements?


New Hitman multiplayer mode:

It’s first person, right stick to knife, also you can build forts, & also no more realistic graphics. No one likes that – only cartoony graphics. Also instead of disguises, we should get air strikes & rocket launchers. Flyable vehicles & tanks too! But maybe they can save that for the next game’s multiplayer.

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Reminds me GTA Online.
The shit I never tried and never want to

no i works at esm(european stock markets) and we are very good at predicting company’s future bankruptcy years before anyone sense that.
square enix pulled hand from ioi there is no financial security now hitman 3 will be a either a success or history.

i only play 2 games arma and hitman(playing from 1999) for years so i don’t know about others

#most imp thing most new gamers which hike any game’s sales are dumb they only want dumb things
so either you made dumb things for them or vanished.

it works and makes you billion because new kids want that {change with time or time engulf you}


should i remember all dates at this age

I used to think the new hitman games needed multiplayer desperately, but as I play more and more I just cant imagine how it would actually work other than something similar to Ghost mode. Certainly could never imagine anything more than two players, the sandbox would already be stressed enough. I have to admit though it would be fun to have a local split screen or LAN mode for some freeform co-op or versus contracts, albeit with a disclaimer along the lines of “Dont expect this to be balanced from a gameplay perspective, its just for fun”.

If IOI is a bankrupt, on what funds they developed HITMAN 2 after Square Enix split?
If IOI is a bankrupt, on what funds they opened second studio in Malmö earlier this year?
If IOI is a bankrupt, on what funds they developing completely new game that they announced couple of weeks ago?

Seems you’re bad at predicting bankruptcy


Also every game doesnt hafta be fortnite or cod for it to be a success.


Hitman is a gentleman’s game… a thinking mans game. There is more than enough mindless games out there (like COD, Fortnite, “Zombie something” 5 etc.) so as it is


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