New Hitman Sniper game

I hope it isn’t another stupid mobil game


Assuming this is real, it looks like they’re reusing this target from early Hitman 2016 concepts.

I don’t really like mobile games but I did really like Hitman GO. If this is at least as good as the H2 sniper maps then it’ll already be better than most mobile games


It’s probably the next multiplayer game from IO (beside Hitman 3 and maybe new IP(s)), so I don’t think it’s a mobile game.

IO Interactive is building a strong and talented team of multiplayer programmers in Malmö and Copenhagen. We’re cooking a brand-new title and concept that will continue the immersive mastery we got you used to, except on a whole other level of player interaction.

For that, we need to consolidate our engine’s networking capabilities. You’ll be in for the long-haul. Sounds like fun? Oh, we know it will be.

Help us build the best multiplayer team.

I think it’s a good idea to separate the Sniper Assassin concept and put it in a standalone. This mode deserves to be expanded and have its own mechanics, without really having a link with the main game. Sniper Assassin is radically different.


Good eye! Unlike the woman wearing sunglasses in the pouring rain.

I agree with this! The game looks like it could be fun.


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Great artwork :ok_hand:

But except if that’s a mobile/tablet game, i don’t see the point separating back Sniper mode from main game.

I think it’s good to have both mixed in one game. It can be expanded and have it’s own mechanics and still remaining in one hub.

Plus it will avoid using more resources for developing a sniper game that fits pretty well as it is now on HITMAN™ 2.

Mobile Multiplayer Sniping is my guess

I happen to play a lot of Hitman Sniper on mobile and when I launched it today it prompted me to do a survey. Basically they are creating a sequel on mobile called something like Hitman Sniper: World of Assassins. It said the game will have contracts all over the globe and have multiple characters with their own unique guns.

The survey just asked how excited you would be to see these various components and honestly I gave it all a 10. I actually believe that the current mobile game has better mechanics than Sniper Assassin in Hitman 2. Civilians run to guards to report things, spotted accidents don’t count against you, all that good stuff. The devs seem to be genuine and passionate in making the best game they could.


I really hope it’s not a damn mobile game; for no other reason than every mobile I’ve had in my life has been a piece of shit


Not loving this announcement.

Sniper maps are a cool side activity, but building an entire game around them? Er… no thanks.

EDIT: Ok, so if it is a mobile game, I don’t care either way.

I would much rather IO just make more proper levels. The wedding and prison maps would have been epic as sandbox levels you can explore as 47, but that won’t happen now because they’ve been featured as sniper levels. Sounds like the cruise ship level is about to go the same way.

Hard pass on your lazy spin-off.

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Sandbox levels are a huge investment and barely profitable. Mobile games seem to have big profit margins, so IO are doing the right thing.

I never got the hang of these touch screen controles for sniper games.
I hope they’ll also release it on other systems, along with the original Hitman Sniper game, otherwise it will be a hard pass for me as well.

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lol you guys remember the last mobile sniper game? it had a 30 dollar rifle app purchase lmao. the gameplay was fun tho

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Speaking purely for myself, I get why they make these sniper modes as they’re somewhat interesting and it’s a decent enough concept, bur I just can’t get interested in them, so a full game is a hard pass. Got Hantu Port and Siberia downloaded but they’ve been left untouched because drive to play them isn’t there. It was the same with the Absolution Sniper Assassin game; I just played it to feel as if I got the worth from a preorder bonus, and the same with Himmelstein.
Not sure if it’s the bullet delay that I can’t get on with, no saving mid-level, or the grindy mastery, but it all makes me groan when I see another Sniper game/mode come out in favour of a good level

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If its a standalone game, I’ll gladly play it, though personally I’d prefer if they added it to HITMAN2, if its on mobile I don’t care about it.

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Sadly I really couldn’t get into this type of game mode. Watched tons of videos of Hitman: Sniper Challenge while waiting for Absolution to get released. Played Hitman: Sniper on my phone just because they offered it for free, still playing the Himmelstein mission in Hitman 2 S̶i̶l̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶A̶s̶s̶a̶s̶s̶i̶n̶ ̶2018
just to say I played and completed all challenges and… I never quite liked it. It’s grindy, way too focused on distractions, time limits and that whole “eliminate the targets AND all the bodyguards before they leave” bs.

IF you were able to move around the map, from sniper nest to sniper nest, only equipped with a sniper rifle, dodging guards and staying hidden, only eliminating the targets then yeah, that would have been decent. Actually now that I think of it, that’s how it should be in normal missions that have the “Sniper Assassin” challenge, complete a mission by only using the sniper rifle and nothing else.


There’s plenty of good mobile games. And even if you don’t care, you should honestly be happy for it. Hitman Sniper was very successful and was one of the most downloaded paid games on the App store and pretty profitable. Even if you don’t like it it will be very helpful to fund HITMAN 3


For every person working on mobile game, is a person not working on Hitman 3 (A game I’d actually pay money to play), why should I be happy about that?

Realistically it’s not going to be a magical cash cow, but I wish them all the best.


Because game development doesn’t work in they way you think it works, at all. There is no studio in the world that uses 100% of their team for one game. Nobody is being taken away from Hitman 3 development. Especially when IOI already have two studios. They’ve already allocated the ones necessary.
And again, Hitman Sniper was a pretty good cash cow. Im fine with them getting another one. They’ll do what they need to do to make Hitman 3. Not sure if you realize but IOI has recently said Hitman 2 underperformed.


Yeah I am going to say it is a fake.