New Hitman Sniper game

There’s plenty of good mobile games. And even if you don’t care, you should honestly be happy for it. Hitman Sniper was very successful and was one of the most downloaded paid games on the App store and pretty profitable. Even if you don’t like it it will be very helpful to fund HITMAN 3


For every person working on mobile game, is a person not working on Hitman 3 (A game I’d actually pay money to play), why should I be happy about that?

Realistically it’s not going to be a magical cash cow, but I wish them all the best.


Because game development doesn’t work in they way you think it works, at all. There is no studio in the world that uses 100% of their team for one game. Nobody is being taken away from Hitman 3 development. Especially when IOI already have two studios. They’ve already allocated the ones necessary.
And again, Hitman Sniper was a pretty good cash cow. Im fine with them getting another one. They’ll do what they need to do to make Hitman 3. Not sure if you realize but IOI has recently said Hitman 2 underperformed.


Yeah I am going to say it is a fake.

Hitman Sniper was a good game, I’m down for a sequel.

I’m aware how it works, they’ve already said; they have H2 teams (maintenance, post-launch content) Expansion team, they have H3 team broken into location workgroups, they have a non-Hitman IP team/s; frankly it seems like for a studio like them that’s been through recent hardships they’d be spreading themselves thin to take on yet another project at the same time, no?

Sad to read they’ve said H2 underperfomed :frowning: Where was that? I didn’t catch it

For every person playing video games, is a person not fighting for our country to defend liberty!
How should Uncle Sam be happy about that?


Hence China is winning!

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I think Uncle Sam is angrier over the atrocious grammar of that sentence.


My guess of why Hitman 2 sales have underperformed is simply because people are not interested that much in stealth games, it’s simple, not everyone has patience with games like Hitman, Thief, Deus Ex, Splinter Cell etc.
This is why I think IOI wants to make the games more wacky, to simply get the attention of more people at launch so that they can make videos/stream it and that way get those viewers to buy the game. Ofc when those viewers buy the game, they know jack what to do and probably refund it.

Seriously, have you ever seen a famous streamer/youtuber/game journalist that played the game complete a level with a Silent Assassin rating? All the videos that I saw when Hitman 2 launched was all about the flamingo costume and the fish. That was it!


imo H3 should have more assault options, market to the CoD audience

Would he be though?

Instaban :joy:


Probably not. Anyone who wants mum spelt with an o probably doesn’t concern himself with the distinction between could and should.

But omitting the “be” that should be there? Unforgivable!


It’s kind of hard to pin down why exactly all dedicated stealth series died off. You can say that people don’t have patients for it anymore. But at the same time there is an entire avalanche of games that provide stealth as an option to players. So it could be the case that people just get their stealth fix elsewhere.

But it is also kind of hard to ignore that pretty much every stealth franchise was screwed by their publishers on individual basis. SC, Thief, MGSV, Mankind Divided, Dishonored 2 – all suffered numerous setbacks and controversies that had nothing to do with their genre. And Hitman got it worse than most. 2016 had misfortune of following up Absolution while simultaneously confusing people with its release model and generally poor messaging. And Hitman 2 had to follow all of it up, while having its own confusing release model, and all of that during the month when RDR2 just ate everyone’s collective lunch.


Not sure if it’s the same source @BernardoOne is referring to, but I remember reading about H2’s performance in a reddit thread (linked below) on the takeaways from IOI’s latest financial report. A little odd you missed it because I think you commented in that thread.


Oh God, I hope this is real. I love Sniper Assassin and to have a Hitman game dedicated to sniping on console (hopefully) would be fucking primo.

I hope they can actually make sniping work properly in HITMAN 2, instead of making a new game, and yet, another another sniper game…

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I don’t know but something gives me they’re making this to stuff it with in-app purchases and micro transactions, because HITMAN wasn’t making enough money.

It’s probably gonna just be a thinly-veiled cash grab.

This remind me the Hong Kong ‘s evil Chief executive Carie Lam. Hope they make a cameo target of her, she ruined Hong Kong!

At least, if they want to do another mobil game, I hope they make even a console version. I don’t have fun playing on my phone. I still hope to see Montenegro and Death Valley on my Ps4, but I know that it surely won’t happen