New IOI game speculation (SPOILERS)

The info is known since almost a year from the noclip documentation about IOI but it seems to be still unknown to most users here.

So time for a dedicated thread.

The whole thread is considered to be a spoiler, which means whoever opens this thread is willing to be spoiled. No spoiler tags required.


That being said, here we go.

(Working-)Title: The Children of planet 2250



I hope to see something more substantial in the near future. But from the few things that we seen, I am intrigued.


Fact : @misterkiller received a semi-official IOI Award for reaching level 2250 in Hitman 2.

Another fact : following level (2251) grants you the “Fleur de Lys” (Hitman Insignia) badge.


iirc their new game has been stated to have multiplayer aspects. also shooting, but i think that’s to be expected


They’ve been looking for a Lead Multiplayer Network Programmer with AAA experience for at least 1 year, according to their website, so I’m wondering if they have enough qualified larbor in this field to make a game with a major multiplayer component.

But they’re well surrounded, we know they have an Esport club in their office (Copenhagen flames) lol.

IO Interactive is building a strong and talented team of multiplayer programmers in Malmö and Copenhagen. We’re cooking a brand-new title and concept that will continue the immersive mastery we got you used to, except on a whole other level of player interaction.

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Copenhagen Flames isn’t owned by IO nor is it located in their office. It’s a partnership.

Eh I guess an e-sport team is also not that critical for multiplayer development. :joy:

That’s what they said in the initial announcement 1 year before.

Copenhagen Flames are based at our Copenhagen Studio, where their management team, pro bootcamping facilities and Academy project “Light the Fire” for aspiring esport players will be located. Being in the same building will allow us to work together, eat together and play together as well as easily share resources and knowledge.

Critical no, but useful yes, for a studio that doesn’t have any particular expertise in multiplayer. They need both AAA multiplayer devs and experienced players to QA their game.

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Yes that is true, it said that. But I don’t think it came to pass. When visiting their homepage, their office isn’t located in the same building as IO. It’s in another part of town.

Do you guys think this will be produced before Season 3? I know they’re separate projects, but will IOI be focusing on one more than the other?

IIRC they said Hitman will always be the focus, or at least the near future. What comes first should become obvious with the next announcement.

When is that announcement? If you know. Do you know when the next livestream will be? If corona hasn’t prevented them from doing one :confused:

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H3 will definitely come out first, if that’s what youre asking


H3 will happen before they release their new I.P. We need to keep in mind that IO’s Malmö studio opened up around a year ago. They are not very far into the project at this given time and I don’t expect to see a release for a couple of years. Normally it takes 3-5 years to produce a game, give or take.


Maybe it’s a name for a mission in H3


It is a poster in the IT Department in New York. Space Conflict = Star Wars today is May 4th or Star Wars Day

Yes I know, I posted the link here because I think it’s an hidden reference to their next game, a space opera. IOI never celebrated May 4th before.

Today is a very special day for fans of various stars and wars.

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I always thought their next project looked more like a medium-hard sci-fi game. But I am more excited for a space opera more than anything.

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There is a Clemens Koch name on the poster there :slight_smile:

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