New IOI Store

Hey all!

Tomorrow we’re launching our new IOI Store. This is the easiest and most direct way to buy games from IO Interactive. Whether you’re looking for the latest games or to revisit the classics, you’ll find them here – at least the ones that we are allowed to sell!

In the interests of transparency, all PC copies of our games from Codename 47 to HITMAN – GOTY Edition will directly support us because we are the publisher for those titles. We’re also linking to the console versions for convenience. For HITMAN 2, we will direct sales through the platform storefronts because the game is published by our friends at WBIE.

BUT! We wanted to give you guys a 24h -ish sneak peak - before we “officially” share the news tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Oh, yeah - we kick it off with a crazy sale!)
Have a great evening!


I don’t really get why they need their own store if they’re only selling games?

Are there any plans to create physical merch for the store?


I will get the C47 key. It was not included in the bundle I got back in the day. Sorry I own everything else. :joy:

But seriously, where is the merchandise? Shirts, stuff like that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly! I don’t really get the point unless they plan on adding stuff other than the games :sweat_smile:

They said in the stream the other day that they were seriously considering selling physical merchandise: T-shirts, caps, duckies? It sounds like they knew were sitting on this news, so I suspect it’s going to happen.


Because it means that they get 100% of the money of the purchase. Pretty simple.

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Would love to have some official Hitman merch added later! Especially anything related to actual in-game items!


I mean they might have to pay less fees to the platforms this way. But yeah physical stuff is appreciated too.

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Nice! I’m with the others here: I’d like some physical merch too.

So, I assume the prices featured are in USD?

i think steam takes some percent of each sale, its all about money.

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lets hope for some merch

Yeah! The prizes are shown in dollars :slight_smile: But as soon as you go to the “next step” it will detect where you’re from, and correct the prizes to your country currency :slight_smile:


If IOI’s store has a section for selling airsoft Silverballers and WA2000s, they should call it Kruger Schmidt.


Can i make a wish about possible merch?

Pls, pls some enamel pins!


Cheap to make and wearable by both boys and girls! Win-win! :eyes: :pray:


We want merch! we already got the games


We all would I checked if someone was doing custom orders but they aren’t.

Damn straight! Imagine you’re wearing a suit, you’ve got a Providence pin on your lapel, and nobody notices. Then one day, you pass someone else with the same pin and you both just nod at each other. You both know what everyone else around you cannot comprehend.


The first store I can tell I own everything (at the moment). :smile:
Im looking forward to buy the tie-clip, if!

Now everyone can buy absolution for a reasonable price

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If I find a store, I’m going to do this every time I’m wearing a suit, like I’m a Providence herald who’s just wrapped up some ‘company business’ in the area :smiley: one day, it might not be today, nor tomorrow, nor twenty years from now, but one day, we’ll pass each other and we won’t know who the other person is - but we’ll know we are brethren.
If there’s a Hitman event like the one in Poland, it would be cool to have a mysterious suit-clad group in the background, all with Providence pins.