New IOI Store

HITMAN Fans When it comes to official merchandise:

hope that condenses are request @Clemens_IOI and @Travis_IOI


What, bank account? You’re saying I already own each game multiple times? Shhhh. It’s for the greater good, bank account.

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I need a providence pin. Honestly: Lets make it the inofficial Hitman-Forum pin! Only we will recognize it, just like Providence. :smiley:

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I imagine it would happen like this :smile::


Yup, that’s it! :smiley: Only, I don’t even think we’d say anything. A simple knowing nod, and no other sign we’re affiliated. The hidden hands of a hidden network, passing by unseen.

The original HITMAN Anthology is worth buying again but the Reboot series isn’t solely because of its progression it’s like MGSV some people just don’t wanna start it over.

I’m afraid that’s going to be lots of false positives, those origami birds brooches are quite popular rn. :smile:

This made me smile actually - recently bumped into an interview with pastor of The Czechoslovak Hussite Church, and she wore a similar one.

So she’s either 1) member of HMF 2) member of Providence. I say the second, bc look at that haircut and her blazer - secret Athena Savalas right there! :laughing:


Is this the merch store Travis mentioned in the Live Stream? Will there actually be ducks available?

The kinds of ducks that have been use in promotional events for Hitman in the past? They should resemble the ones in-game… :fearful:




You really just found Athena of our world it seems. :smiley: Did she mention some missing documents?

And you might be right, I dont know, but I like the idea of a pin for only us.
But honestly, the best pin would be this:

Fight me over it, you wont win! We would all secretly love to walk around, being part of the ICA.


Won’t fight you in this, i love triangle shapes:D Would go for ICA pin as well - high polish silver with matte black enamel… hmm :smirk:.

I would love the “Master” double baller 3D pin the most, just not in gold, but in silver, cuz can’t match gold with anything i wear :laughing:. But even if it was gold, i would just pin in to my board with other pins and admired it from afar.

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would love to have one of these, but in the nice green from C47’s Laptop - maybe even glow in the dark :heart_eyes:

i would buy a Replica of Lee Hongs Jade Figurine if they would sell it.


IO is really bad when it comes to Marketing and especially Merchandise.


Amen, this is sadly very, very true.

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and the little bit of merch thats available is terrible imo. i made a Hoodie featuring the Barcode myself, when Absolution was released.

Tokyo Marui “El Matador” Customized 1911 anyone?

Yes! However, the Providence’s dove looks more innocent, and I believe that logo is a near-exact copy of the British MI5 logo. It’s probably been changed now for something more dystopian, but it definitely was at one point.
If someone says “Hey, what’s that pin?” it’s easier to explain away a cute little dove :slight_smile:

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Okay, just got a mail that the store is open but …
Where the heck are the Clemens and Travis bobble-heads?


Sure, and yes, it is the MI5 logo, but I’d still like it. In the real world, noone would wear something like this andyway. Even providence only wears it on really high operatives, like Yuki, or the Constant. Not even Fanin has one, and he had one of the two keys to their secrets.

That being said, I really want to have this ICA pin!

“1 reply by Jason Portman?” wha? Oh :laughing:

In reality, Providence wouldn’t have a pin at all because it’s too obvious you’re one of them and if a defector like Knox told someone about the pins, you’d be able to pick them out in a crowd very easily :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t want an ICA pin, because pins are Providence’s thing, but I’d like an ICA laptop like the one 47 uses in the old games. In Absolution, they went a bit crazy with the label makers and stuck the ICA logo on everything: weapons, clothing, intel files, the works.
I would like a business card that is standard black, but when you hold it and warm it up in your hand, it shows the ICA logo. Then when the necessary person has seen it, it fades away as it cools.


I really love the card as an idea for merch, but that will probably really expensive. And a laptop, well, do it yourself, a case or whole laptop would be way to much.

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That’s a great initiative guys!

Maybe also sell some HITMAN merch like t-shirts or collectibles?

Wishing them good sales anyway :+1:

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