New mode if there is a hitman 3 or possibly in Hitman 2 in the future

I’m not sure about anyone else but what I would love to see either in a hitman 3 or in hitman 2 is a mode where you as 47 and a friend as Lucas Grey (I think it is) could go around and do the missions together. A bit like ghost mode but where you work together to do missions and escalations (but make it separate from the normal single player missions else you could unlock everything easily but still let things be unlocked from it.) I think this would be great and would love to see some assassinations people could pull off an how many times they accidentally kill their buddy

This was already discussed a number of times its either people saying its should be 47 and 6 or knight and stone in sandbox missions

Am I the only one who’s againts a claassic coop in sandbox locations? At most, I’d love assymetrical coop similar to Sniper Elite 4’s Overwatch mode. One person os on top, sniping and covering the person “down there”. I’d love that.

Ye that could be really fun

Yeah that would also be cool