New Pink Screen When 47 is Shot. Hit or Miss?

Update 2.30 Brought a new pinkish screen when 47 gets shot. I personally don’t care for it.

  • It should stay in the game
  • It should be removed from the game

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seems way more distracting. i’d rather just the grayscale returning


I’m getting my reworked PC today so I will only see this tonight.

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Agreed. I play a lot of casual for R&D and my screen is now pink ALOT.

I really dislike it, please remove it


Maybe this poll can get it removed. It seems like it should be almost unanimous, a landslide.

If anyone wants it to stay, I’d love to hear why.

Yeah, I just noticed it booting up the game. It’s really throwing me off and I have no idea why IO thought it looked good.

The screen getting blacker/darker like it did the more you get shot looked and worked great. Don’t know why we had to replace it. It it ain’t broke, why the hell are we fixing it?

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It should be toggleable as most of things in the game.
If you could customize nearly everything for your own needs it would be the best


Why does IOI throw a pink layer over the franchise since the latest installment? It’s so annoying. Pink has nothing to do with the hitman series nor 47.

They should’ve gone for red.


I like pink and even I think it’s goofy :joy:


Seems to me all the logic:
Pink = Flamingo.

Seems HITMAN 2 is all about Flamingo


47 doesn’t die, he simply has the manliness shot out of him.

I assume they were going for the pink mist thing with snipers or something.

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haven’t noticed that, but heres my advice: dont get shot


I think they want the getting shot at to be as unpleasant for us as it is for 47. It’s a hit.

Haven’t noticed the change myself either. I’m a shadow.
A shadow who reboots as soon as the goons turn orange in Instinct.


Sound advice :joy::ok_hand: Happy cake day btw!! :partying_face:


Huh. I never noticed it. Then again I never die.

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here’s a poll

i think i know what the answer’s gonna be

  • the old grayscale when 47 is shot
  • the new flashing pink/red color when 47 is shot

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Just make it so you can switch it on and off.


This seems to be the answer to everything these days.

“You want Ghost Mode music?”
“Only if you can switch it on or off.”

“You want Diana’s target introductions?”
“Only if you cans witch it on or off.”

“Do you want a pink screen when getting shot at?”
“Only if you can switch it on or off.”

“Do you want an emetic phone?”
“Only if you can switch it on or off.”

“Do you want to marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?”
“Only if you can switch it on or off.”


I‘m sad either way whenever 47 dies

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