New Poison Type

As we now have a full range of poison style weapons in the manner of syringes, consumables, guns, remote devices, grenades for all lethal, sedative and emetics (I guess we’re still due a proximity emetic device to complete it all), I was wondering where to go from here in terms of poisons. If we could somehow have a new set that works differently to the others.
Not sure what, of course. Only one that springs to mind is some sort of beserker poison that can be used for distractions (they draw attention of guards by yelling and causing aggro against another NPC) but that’s not that interesting. Wonder if anyone else has any good ideas?


How about LSD? Makes someone want to go and like down in a dark room for hours on end.

The application of marijuana in Sapienza was to make people fall asleep which is a bit wrong.
Maybe poison food in a fridge and then give marijuana to someone so they then eat poison food.

Cocaine as a drug that makes people aggressive is not likely as it’s repeated use that causes that effect but maybe that kind of thing is what you have in mind.

Continue the myth about sodium pentothal being a truth drug, maybe, so that someone reveals crucial information to 47 allowing . . . access passwords or location of something.


I think poisons that change up NPC routes are good. But more complicated than emetic where they go to one specific area. Instead, where they change up their path. Would most likely be over complicated tho

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Just a scripted thing, then, which is probably not too much but I suppose what was in my mind when thinking about it. Thinking of a generally-applicable poison is harder, I suppose.

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Sniper Tranquilizer


overdosed energy drink? could make npc’s leave the area and run around for a minute


  • Sniper Rifle Tranquilizer (single-shot long-range sniper rifle (1-2 tranq darts with assault rifle range or at least that of standard pistols)
  • Time-Release (emetic effects last 2x longer; sedative effects with various durations).
  • Remote Poison (consumed/injected poison. Effects only active once triggered remotely by the player within a certain amount of time, after which time the poison expires and cannot be triggered successfully).
  • Poison Bomb (emetic/sedative/lethal poison gadgets/‘explosives’ that can fill and affect all NPCs within an enclosed room).
  • Cough Syrup (“may cause drowsiness, do not operate machinery after use” or in other words it makes the NPC incoherently wander along his/her route(s). Their movement is slowed; drastically reduces range of awareness; NPC stumbles randomly as if lightly drunk; slurred/random mumbling speech. Lasts twice as long as emetic poison.
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Some kind of drowsiness poison that shrinks vision cone and range [and response time/firing accuracy, if it came to that, as well increasing clumsiness when giving chase] could have uses possibly :thinking:

especially if they keep adding ways to dose the all guards in a room now and then as with the bug fumigation machine in WC


That is an excellent suggestion! Something like the Constant injected into himself.

But the only problem is how could we place it in a NPC? Obliviously they would feel it (if it were in dart form) maybe a very tiny capsule that can be placed in food or drink?

Either way, I really like this idea of yours. There could be different types too (Lethal, Sedative and Emetic.) Being able to choose when to activate it could really open up some new possibilities! Nice thinking.


Your comment regarding my suggestion for Remote Poison made me think of another kind:
cough syrup - applied to drinks. Causes the infected NPC to continue on their route for 5 mins walking at half speed, incoherent, stumbling, stopping to sleep standing up for 2-3 seconds semi-random, slurring words.
Maybe applied multiple times to the same drink increases effects to the point where applying like 3 cough syrup doses to one drink may turn it into a sedative. 4 doses would cause light emetic effects. 5 doses would be lethal? (by “light emetic effects” I mean the NPC will fall asleep for maybe 30-60 seconds followed by nausea immediately upon standing up (nausea lasts half as long as normal emetic Poisons) and thus makes 4th doses last the shortest time of the stacked effects.
Hope that made sense

May cause drowsiness. Do not operate machinery after use. WARNING: overdose may be fatal.

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A little bit lol

This is an interesting idea, however it may render the other poisons useless, as (going by your description) this Cough Syrup is basically all 3 in one. Which would be very overpowering if I can be honest. I mean, I’m personally not against the idea, but I’m sure others may be. I do like the idea of it though :slightly_smiling_face: I’m all for different types of poisons. Even if they only provide a visual difference.

For example, a while back I suggested a Widow Spider poison vial

It would basically be a lethal only poison. However it would cause the NPC to totally freak out (in a comedy type way lol) then eventually fall to their hands and knees coughing up blood, leading to death. Again, it would offer nothing except a new visual animation. Just an idea I had.

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Something that makes an NPC either experience psychosis or react violently could have uses, because it could trigger guards to attempt to arrest/kill that NPC. Triggering guards to behave more aggressively to others, not just 47, would open up plenty of new possibilities.

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The Hallucinogens pickup in Freedom Fighters (Colorado) is what needs to be implemented next as an Unlock. The effects just need to be less intense of course.

As for my Cough Syrup, it WOULD NOT be an Unlock. It would be a very rare item on all maps with no more than 5 (or whatever the overdose threshold is set to). Maybe 10 doses to be fatal? So…

Spread out (perhaps random spawns) across the whole map, there are no more than 10 tiny bottles of Cough Syrup. Using all 10 makes the drink lethal but time consuming to administer. So the player would have to scour the entire map (every restart) for each of the 10 individual pickups + administer all 10 doses to one drink before the target restarts the route to their next drink).
More than 5 doses but less than 10 make the target incoherent and eventually nauseated (9 doses resulting in incoherent route wandering + standard sickness duration.

In simpler terms:

  • 1-4 doses = incoherent wandering along normal routes. Lasts 5 mins
  • 5 doses = incoherent wandering for 2 mins followed by 15 sec nausea
  • 6 doses = incoherent wandering for 2 mins followed by 30 sec nausea
  • 7 doses = incoherent wandering for 3 mins followed by 45 secs nausea
  • 8 doses = incoherent wandering/mild sleepwalking for up to 4 minutes + 45 sec nausea
  • 9 doses = incoherent wandering/sleepwalking + 60 sec nausea
  • 10 doses = incoherent for 15 secs followed by accidental death.

Players cannot start with syrup. Players have to find all 10 bottles (golf ball size items scattered vastly across the whole map (FORCING you to traverse the whole boundary and inwards) and administer all 10 in a single short time window (consuming the drink resets the next consumption stack to 0, thus making a lethal dose difficult and highly strategic). Sleepwalking wouldn’t last for more than 1-10secs and only occur between 1 and 3 times depending on number of doses.


I was thinking something similar. Maybe have an infected NPC become hysterical, gradually alerting their own guards more and more until one guard tries to Arrest or subdue the infected NPC for like 30-60 seconds until they regain their sanity. They wouldn’t even have to actually deal damage to others either.

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It would be a nice Hitman 3 mechanic to get guards to apprehend someone else as some diversion/distraction technique, and having some kind of psychosis would be a good way to do that. Temporary so it’s not too overhyped, and a nice alternative to knocking anyone out to completely avoid the notion that someone has been there meddling with stuff (hey, all these guards that should be at this gate are now gone, and later in a box… must be some sort of accident)


How about something that gives them two status effects? First they vomit, then they die, by internal bleeding for example. So we still have the option to drown them for an accident kill, but if we dont, they die by themself. But then, cause of all the blood, they will count as “body found” and the guards will go on a hunt. So it has its positives, but cant replace neither the lethal nor emetic poisons.

Same with sedatives. How about falling asleep first, then dying. Or vomiting, then falling asleep. That would be perfect to get them into a room gone from everyone else, and then they will stay there. Of course, if someone is in there, of if they dont walk into a bathroom but to a bin in the middle of a big room, its not as usefull.

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Call it anthrax maybe.

I know this isn’t a poison persé but what about implementing smoke grenades?

I miss the hallucinogen-kill from Hitman: Absolution, imo the most grotesquefull kill ever in the entire series.
Such a new poison effect would be a nice addition, dressed as a clown and let the priest himself jump down from the church tower would be a lot of fun.

How about some type of poison that makes the target permanently go blind? They wouldn’t die from it but they could freak out once injected; running around yelling “Help! I can’t see!” :rofl:

If close to a ledge they would run around close to it, eventually falling over resulting in an accident kill.

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I would like the Rage, Cry, and Laugh traquilzers from Metal Gear Solid 4.

It would be interesting seeing them, I think the one that would suit Hitman the most out of them though would be rage. Hitting an NPC or target with it will make them start acting crazy and angry and try to kill people, and guards will kill people when it escalates.