New PS4 $20 Competition (September 22 to 29)

Hey guys, new giveaway for PS4 players.
Same as before, whoever gets first wins $20, if you are out of the united states i’ll ship you via paypal.

Name of the contract: Knight’s Revenge
ID: 2-21-0895878-00

Good luck!


So what are the rules?

Uiuiuiui :partying_face:

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First on the leaderboard wins!

Been trying at it for the past hour, it’s not gonna be me :joy:

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BTW I’m Pablonuts33, first on the leaderboard but of course that run doesn’t count

Well I’ve given it my best, but I couldn’t get the guards to move right :upside_down_face: I’ll be interested to see how the winner has done it tho

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Tip: i did it without the “target locked”

And i hide only the target

Hey i’m gonna ask if possible to the winner to upload the run, it would be nice to watch it.
Currently first place is HITMANIST with 03:02, sick!


Great Puzzle contract @PEA Thanks for yet another cool competition!! My mind is already blown with 2:57 by @HITMANIST !!!I did 3:47 for now but I guess that Haven emetic unlocks will improve all our strategies :stuck_out_tongue: If you set a rule that emetic darts and stuff won’t be accepted then I ll definitely follow it :smiley:


Hey thanks man! :slight_smile: Emetic darts? You meant granade? Are there emetic darts? That would be awesome

Yes i mean, use whatever you have in hand!


They unlock in the resort at mastery level 10.

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I just improved my 2.52 time (emetic granade) to 2.41 using an unlock from Haven mission!!!

Just a quick tip to anyone trying this:
This camera can be bypassed if you run and stick to the left corner.

I took a screenshot standing there with green indicator of SA.

I can safely say after more than 100 attempts (damn those wall spotting at the bar) that this is very consistent way of running fast to the top of the tower!!
This was by far the most challenging speedrun contract I have ever tried and that “Hide All bodies” complication was absolutely mindfucking:p
Please everyone on PS4 give it a try (hell if an average player like myself did it then everyone can)because it breaks my heart to see only 4 people solved this great puzzle @PEA created!!!


The ID is 2-21-0859878-00 which is shown in your screenshot.

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Tx, fixed it

@GreekAgent Hey thanks man :smiley:
I can’t wait to see some runs on Sunday :slight_smile:


The winner is Fight_Club_13! (@GreekAgent)

Thanks to the 21 people who played the contract and congrats to HITMANIST and KILLERTHUG27 for beating my time as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much @PEA!!I had so much fun playing this contract!!
Here is my run

I included the cinematics with Constant getting away and arrogantly talking about ‘‘maintenance’’. before getting rekt by DarkSouls Knight who was thirsty for revenge :stuck_out_tongue:
I used the emetic grenade inside briefcase but didn’t took advantage of the loop glitch.
Of course I had to leave as the guard who I framed with the kiling Axe!!
By the way that glitch '‘touch picking’ is so hilarious :stuck_out_tongue: I might keep this outro in all my uploads.

Can’t wait for upcoming PEA competitions in which I will participate just for fun after winning this!!
Thanks again for this crazy contract!!


I actually learnt a lot from this, great watch! You deserved that win


Great run!Congratulations!:clap:


@GreekAgent this run is amazing. I never thought that all bodies hidden complication can be avoided by bodies being found and awaken. Of course still keeping sa rating. Great.