New Suit Proposal - The Londoner

Using a bit of photoshop, I created a new suit that I would love for IOI to do for the next Hitman. Using a trench coat with a waistcoat and a simple tie. A combination of the Raven Suit and the Imperial Suit. The colors do not match, but it was just to get an idea. I would love an urban sandbox level with this suit. It could be named “The Londoner”. What do you think?



the winter suit looks pretty similar

i’d wear the fuck out of that suit honestly it doesn’t matter

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Yes, but the Winter Suit it’s too “warm”. And it is just the suburban suit with a winter coat, this one is just a simple trench coat whit a waistcoat. You could use it on places like marrakech or sapienza. And I kinda feel that I look like Trump with the Winter Suit.

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Looks like a Kingsman outfit. A crossover with Kingsman would work well for this franchise. Weird gadgetry, silly humor, unreasonably capable and stolid protagonists, global destinations and wealth, and above all else, a concern for fashion and fancy suits.

Get Colin Firth as the celebrity ET for season 3 and make this outfit the unlockable!


Weird gadgetry, silly humor, unreasonably capable and stolid protagonists

please no

everything about this is wrong

All I want is a John Wick style suit. They just have to swap the shirt from the midnight suit with the ICA training shirt.



In one word? Buttons.

That black trenchcoat would be perfect for the starting suit in a Sankt Peterburg level. Russian winter coats are of very high quality, and a lot look quite similar to that

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Only if this suit is called “The Wicked” or “The Bagayaga”.


The John

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ngl, i might actually wear that suit in the bank if the tie was red and the vest + pants were black

Don’t forget the full black gloves version of this suit. It would easily be my favourite alongside the signature suit and the Bangkok suit.

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A London-based Mission would be wonderful, I’ve always wanted one. And that suit looks good, could perhaps just use some colour changes.

Oh shit yeah I forgot I just had to do this…

I’ll buy that for a doåållar

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I know it’s just the suit from Mumbai and the winter suits but it looks better than half the location specific suit unlocks.

Looks good, but it looks weirdly Victorian, to me. The waistcoat+curvy long trenchcoat just gives off that vibe, to me.

@badeaguard’s John Wick suit looks nice, but to me, the Midnight Suit fits close enough. If only he had a black tie to go with it, that Wick look would be complete. I love his all-black attire in the films.

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Give us an outfit that’s all bright green so we can do some chroma key shenanigans in editing.