New Unlock: Sandbox Variant

So, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hate the tornado shelter in Freedom Fighters.
Specifically, I hate it because I don’t like that it dictates the exit point (and as a result it is also forced on you as yuur last objective, you can’t do it first and then do the assassinations). This has caused me to play a lot less of FF than I believe I would without it. It’s a shame because on a whole I find a lot of things about it enjoyable/good.

I am also aware that not everyone likes destroying the virus in Sapienza (though I personally don’t ,mind it terribly since ithere’s so many ways of doing it, and you can do it at whatever point in the mission you want to).

I believe in the case of the shelter the writers could have (and should have) come up with a way to make the story work in a way where you can go to the shelter at any point in time, like destroying the virus in Sapienza, but that’s not what this thread is about. Instead, I’m suggesting a new unlock that unlocks a Sandbox Variant of any map that has non-assassination objectives.

I’d assume that as soon as any story challenges based on the non-assassination objectives are completed this new mode would be unlocked (so you’d have to play the mission “correctly” at least once), where the non-assassination objective is optional (considering you can use the virus for kills in Sapienza this seems most reasonable) or entirely removed.

I believe this might be a solution that would satisfy most people. I guess it sort of splits the leaderboards in two, but besides that I can’t think of a problem off the top of my head.


I think a good way to solve that story driven exit problem would be to enter the shelter at any time unter the given circumstances, but you can leave it and then you can assassinate every one.
Even if I0I would activate the other exits and you would leave the mission on that toycar you would see the cgi as you had used the shelter exit. I would be ok with that,because no one of the exits telling the story further, it’s just an animation, and after that the screen gets dark -----> cgi. So it wouldn’t be a big paradox for me, seeing 47 escaping by the toycar and then seeing the regular cgi after compliting the mission.

Edith: What bugs me in the FF mission is, that it’s to easy to get into the shelter.
You just have to press the button on the 3D printer, hide wait and done.
I can’t remember it correctly, but wasn’t it at the beginning of the release of the FF mission,
that you have to take something from Rose to use the 3D printer?
Did I0I patched something out to making it easier to enter the shelter?
Sry I can’t remember it how I beat that mission at the time when it was released (I’ve played the game on my sisters pc, yes she’s a fan too),
I just play the game on my own pc since I got a new mainboard and take great deal after I0I got released from Enix.

There is already a Sandbox mode called Contracts mode where you can mark the story targets (instead of simple NPCs) and assassinate them without having to destroy the virus or enter the tornado shelter.

Just search the contracts while typing something like:

e.g. “World of Tomorrow (No Virus)” or “Freedom Fighters (20% more freedom)”.

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I know, I play these on occasion (I have “Colorado No Shelter” saved away among my favorites).
They have no saves (because they are contracts) and the leaderboards are spread across multiple different created contracts. And because they are in no way official versions of the mission there is little to no discussion about these versions on these forums.

This is a far cry from what I want to see.


If someone discovered something that needed to be fix’d, because it could break the mission, I0I would fix it.
But I doubt it that I0I would revisit the ff mission to change something, just because a % (probably most of them) of the community says that the last objectiv in the ff mission is arse. I0I will probably learn from “that mistake” and in an upcoming mission you can leave and enter as you wish.

Oh yeah and using the virus to kill a target sounds great. Bonus mission ahoi ----------> Sapienza with full of infected people in a fantasy scenario like the walking dead where you have to infiltrate a enemies camp to take out a neegan.

Well, slightly off topic, but you I meant that removing the virus from the mission would remove certain kill options (Francesca can be kiled in a few ways while she’s in the science lab after the virus is destroyed).

But you already can kill someone with the virus. There’s a hidden vial of virus in the level coded to kill Francesca.

You also can kill all the people in the laboratory, like Fracesca, by enclothing them.

Can you tell me more about the viral of the virus? I don’t know anything about it.
If you want you can pm me, so not ruining your topic with off-topics. :wink:

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What bugs me about Colorado are three things:

  1. You can’t use the REAL face to open the door; if you have his body, there’s no interaction prompt that triggers 47 grabbing the body and shoving the face into the scanner. (Can you say “Splinter Cell?”)
  2. The scanner-secured room is useless before prerequisite goals have been reached.
  3. It’s the ONLY exit point available in regular campaign play, and once you enter the room, you can neither return to the compound nor lure more victims inside for slaughter.

there is, it’s even a challenge


Well, it’s bugged, then. No prompt for me. Maybe I’m not scratching the right nut or something.
EDIT: I’ll try it again. These kinds of bugs are usually temporary when played from the owner account on Steam.

I recall somebody mentioning a bug where opening the door while a guard is suspicious (following you) results in it being left open.

Otherwise I’d just use Contracts to recreate the mission because the forced exit is important to the story and most players won’t replay the mission anyway (assumption), so it doesn’t matter to a majority of the playerbase.

(Plus, playing the recreated Contract means that Diana doesn’t introduce the targets :smile:)

I’ll have to try attracting some negative attention and open the door when that enemy’s in view. I like finding places that have only one approach, so you can commit mass murder with virtual impunity, like 47’s suite in Bangkok.

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The forced exit thing is material [to most players] only because of things like finding the key to the quad bike…useless in regular campaign, and you can’t use a car, or hop the gate, as you may in Contracts mode.