(New Weapons and Gear) Has HITMAN been hacked?

Or has IO accidentally uploaded open content?

@mungadungalis uploaded a live stream in which shows a lot of new weapons, outfits and gear, clearly existing within the game files.

Does anyone know why, how or what happened?

Maybe the Devs @Travis_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI @Simon_IOI @Morten_IOI

Or what does people think of this content? Should it be available for us now?

Like to add his name appeared in the top right too…

And is a challenge complete too…

And has appeared for others too…


All weapons, outfits and items may not appear in official release, but I will announce if they are actual working assets from the stream.

Weapons (Working)

  • Circumcision Knife (Same as Sapenzia)
  • Remote CX Demo Block

Weapons (To be Announced/seen/Unlocked)

  • [‘UI_PROP_DEVICE_ICA_MODULAR_PROXIMITY_EXPLOSIVE_MULTI…’] (He flicked off it before the whole string appeared)
  • 1911-S Silverballer Elite [UI_ITEM_RARIT] (Has Scope and laser sight)
  • 1911-T Silverballer [UI_ITEM_RARIT]
  • UX-15 Magnum [Custom] (Most likely higher damage, magnum ammo)
  • Jaeger 7.62 PSG-S Elite (Kazo TRG similarities)
  • The Savior [Master Crafted] (Sniper, etched design “Ave Maria”)

Outfits (Works in all Environments)

  • Sheikh
  • Absolution Suit
  • Italian Suit
  • Vampire Magician
  • Blood Money Suit
  • Sergei Larin (47’s Signature Suit)

Outfits (To be Announced/seen/Unlocked) [All Master Crafted] (Codenamed after cocktails)



  • Radio (The one found in the Sheikh’s Room) used exactly the same.
  • Remote Explosion Phone (can ring it to attract people)
  • Lethal Poisoned Chewing Gum [Custom] (Can be placed down and picked up by NPCs)
  • Sedative Chewing Gum [Custom] (Can be placed down and picked up by NPCs)
  • Emetic Chewing Gum [Custom] (Can be placed down and picked up by NPCs)
  • Crystal Ball [Custom] (Non- Lethal Melee as Close Combat, kills when thrown)
  • Eiffel Tower Souvenir (Non-Lethal Melee)
  • Eiffel Tower Knife (Lethal Melee)

Things to mention:

  • Possibly leaked out through server.
  • No sign of a briefcase or WA2000 sniper as mentioned.
  • “[UI_ITEM_RARIT]” is most likely the string for “Master Crafted”
  • The Crystal Ball may be located in the Fortune Teller building in the Marrakesh bonus episode.
  • Affected Xbox Players exclusively.
  • The Ave Maria etching on The Savior is mostly likely a reference to the [Ave Maria by Di Schubert] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dok4wJ4pqo0) classically played frequently in the Hitman Franchise.

I think with all of the stuff with the servers lately (elusive targets, outfits, etc) it’s either a) a huge server bug or b) they’re planning a big update where they’ll release all this stuff. Most likely a, but I’d love if it was option b :slight_smile:


Imo no, rather unlock a portion of it with each new map.


I mean you can tell from his reaction (and Kotti’s) that they didn’t intend for it to happen. I found it very entertaining watching @mungadungalis react to it.


Yeah it seems they are uploading stuff. The crystal ball and Eiffel tower models are working so could they be in Paris and Marrakesh? Yeah hoping they are adding in more unlocks for escalations or something. I was more surprised this happened on Xbox too. PS4 still secure :wink:

Why do the items have weird backgrounds though? Everything I saw that looked like a new weapon was on a different colored background on the menu. Looked kinda fake.

And there’s other weird stuff like the menu glitching and weird colors showing up on various screens.

Looks more like some kind of hacks to me.

Hope not, i want unlocks to unlock over time.

It’s a huge bug! the size of the eiffel tower itself :smiley:.

But it’s fun to watch this video :joy:.

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At least this confirms there’s is no issue using different outfits in different maps. The one problem I thought would be the coding of NPCs and objects to the outfits in an foreign map but IO seemed to have wrote it differently to work so no excuse now lol. All outfits in maps.

I’m thinking this could be contracts stuff. Like Absolution where you could pick any outfit.

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Oh yeah, that’s a good point. Maybe this could be contracts based?

Although tbh I would just make a contract where the targets are the main map targets anyway just to use the outfits/weapons lol

I definitely did that with Sapienza just to skip the virus. Contracts mode has the occasional use.


Can somebody post what weapons, gear and outfit they saw?


Yeah i’ll list them shortly… eating :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks to you, sir.
20 damn characters

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Just a bit of info, anything on a non-grey/studio background are placeholder assets.


Yup :slight_smile:

pls give us time. ??:?? like

So what were the new unlocks and suits?

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These ones look new. I could be wrong. From @mungadungalis’s twitch.


Adding them to OP as we speak

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I feel like a kid peeking through his presents on Christmas.

Naughty naughty…